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Re: Sorry too all who read.

I had no interest in getting involved at this point but I will say this. It's obvious whether GoddBudz is Nohands or not that he is the same distasteful, nasty charachter who should not be tolerated.

Anyone who attempts to reason with him of course has every right to if that's what they feel like doing. Of course, with Avalon this is the case: I don't blame anyone for wanting to stick up for their clan. But I must say; why are you wasting your time?

The OP seems to have renounced himself. If he assaults you again, block him and be done with it.
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Re: Sorry too all who read.

You came adding me to your friend list, you introduced me your life, you started showing me your cheats and your scamms, and then when you got up mad at me, you started saying bad things about me, so if I ever show your reality, you could have words to say.
But Buddhands, I'm telling you right now to leave me. Their is more than 7 milliards person living on earth, go bother someone else, not me! I blocked you everywhere, in game, on line, and If I knew how to block you here, I would have done this since you came to forums.

P.S: Learn how to play a game, how to be respectuous with other persons, I don't want problems of this kind, I never had this kind of problem tho!
What the f man, even on mail box you bother me with your fake things, ZooWarlock is a friend to me, he is even in my clan. You actually do your best purposely to bann me è_é
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Re: Sorry too all who read.

Never wise to damn an entire clan, you then hurt the feelings of all the good ones in it. By doing so you are merely assisting one or two you might find obnoxious, they rallying support from their fellow comrades in arms. The fact is there is no entire clan that can be deemed 'vile'. There are many players in Avalon that I don't even know or they me, some have chosen to make it clear they dislike me, that is their choice. One went to great lengths on forums to make out I am only an 'observer' in this game. If he had ever started his own clan and got it up to 3rd in league he might understand the level of commitment that takes, in turn understanding that in reality I have done slightly more than log on now and then, observe other players and log out! A level of smugness is to be expected among some long time Avalon who have never had the struggle of competing constantly against other clans, and who have enjoyed the spoils of top bosses from the moment they walked into Avalon.

It doesn't make me 'hate' Avalon. Players such as Pdizz, Gran, Piggsy, Elim and Aernak, Keri, Leisa, Blue, Soroman and Ninj etc etc, are known for being fair minded, good humoured and generous in their attitude towards others. My own beef with Avalon has actually only ever concerned two of their players. While I have argued with Aileron on forums I am not so petty minded as to then try and deny the fact he created a clan that in terms of strength has never been rivalled in Morrigan. I have applauded his system of having no Gens (one adopted by the founder of the clan I am now in and even, finally, by ZA!). His drop dispersal system is also extremely clever in that it cuts out any grudges about who gets what.

Golgatha began to have a terrible reputation because it was lead by thug, in fact most of the players I knew in Gol were decent, clever, honest and loyal....some have now ended up in Avalon. ZA was awash with brilliant, high level players, it simply wasn't being run properly with drops regularly going missing and some officers turning a blind eye to it cos it was one of their 'pals' doing it! There are still great players in ZA.....the fact is there are in ALL clans!

Re: Sorry too all who read.

Cysero you can say whatever you like to cover your end, but in the end of it all and with the facts shown. You are the one spreading rumors of an illegid platinum hacking tool. Zoowarlock was dimwhitted enough to admit your involvement over line, which then was shown to me. I have legitimate proof to you being the scammer here, not me. Call me whatever you like, but in the end pictures show zoo saying 'cysero showed me this plat glitch' and he sent pictures of it too my chief of clan. Which happened too make its way back too me. Thus why I am bringing it too the attention of the administrative team, because you are nothing more then a deranged lunatic that cant handle the facts that he is wrong. Sorry bud, but you lose. Go find someone else to ban for your faults please.

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