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Top clan and Server

Top Clan?
Top clan's system?
How difficult it is to earn gear from this system?
Any comp?
How active server as a whole?
How active is top clan and other clans?
Prices on lixs
Prices on sigs
How welcome are newcomers?

Re: Top clan and Server

Roc wrote:Top Clan? - Even though we don't mix well I'd say Havoc is the strongest clan on all servers atm.
Top clan's system? - Dkp or as it's mentioned in Havoc Hkp.
How difficult it is to earn gear from this system? - Weekly auctions where you use your Hkp to bid and pay. Takes along time to gather enough Hkp to win the good stuff.
Probation? - No idea what goes now.
Any comp? - Not really on eg. Ready to Fight and Zagalo could put up some comp at 180 up to Hrung.
How active server as a whole? - Morrigan is now semi-dead. But that seems common for most servers.
How active is top clan and other clans? - Havoc seem very active when raids are up, other than that a Havoc member should answer.
Prices on lixs - Normal.
Prices on sigs - Normal
Population - Morrigan have lots of toons but most are inactive atm.
How welcome are newcomers? - Very if you meet the right people
Morrigan -
Neodym, ranger, Lvl 223,Morrigan Kojak, warrior, Lvl 221, Mabon
Tuula, rogue, Lvl 223, Morrigan Topnotch, ranger, Lvl 220, Mabon
Streiff,ranger, lvl 220, Epona


Re: Top clan and Server

I just wanted to mention, on Morri, that buying items in the AH like sigils, alts, rebirths, chests, etc. , basically any plat item you might need, is probably gonna be overpriced. Buy from a player with integrity so you don’t get overcharged. Lixes should be priced correctly in AH, but ask someone to be sure.

Also, when it comes to activity, Havoc is active, Ready to Fight (RTF) is active and several lower to mid-level clans are active. Zagalo can be sometimes, based on raid timers, but I rarely see them at other times.

Newcomers ARE welcome and will receive help from the clans on Morrigan if they are serious about leveling. If you come, please say hi to me :) Kes
theKestrel of Dal Riata, Morrigan, et al

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