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Re: Favorite people in this world

Superman wrote:Benny,

Why does it say that your rogue is level 129 in your signature?
Hahah you wish. :lol:

Stop crushing dreams!
Deviil ~ 108
Bloodlust - Rogue - 69
Element - Mage - 59
Typical - Warrior - 59
World - Danu

You know your successful in celtic heroes when someone makes a fake account with your name.

Re: Favorite people in this world

I'm gonna redo mine

Warriors: chillrend, brockyy, florianpans
Rouges: pacq, xyphon, Benny
Rangers: woven
Mages: magsee
Druids: galadak, grace
Sir Chillrend of Herne
Level 107 warrior
Most loved and nicest player in Herne award 2010-2013 (1243 votes)
Best and fairest chieftain in Herne award 2010-2013 (1289 votes)
Was Chieftain of: Companions, NewCompanions, Pirates (original), Wingmen.

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