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I'm xfering here from Arawn. I have assorted rares, fashion, Aggy Str Trident x2, 80% Glider, 4K restoes, 1.3k idols, 5.2k ancient idols, 194 travels, 188 energys, 295 health, 75 defense, 90 armour, 60 alt books, purple idol, greater es neck, ow energy ring x2, ow health ring, Icecrystal Band of the Magus, Bracelet of Essence, Ring of Spirits and Amulet of Anni

Also xfering from Gwydion. I have restoes, idols, xps/health/ and wis lixes, 150k, greater Es legs, all frags, 2 diamond bows, golden quiver of ice, hero boots, golden bodkin of spirits, 1mil skirr, and 2 hero ammies.

Arawn - Aranox
Gwydion - Kruz
Herne - Kracker

Mail me or pm me.

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