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Hello, a lot of people ask me and my clannies how they can join or what level they have to be. We don't have a set level requirement but what we look for is the will to level. We would take someone thats like lvl 195 but levels often over someone thats 210 and never levels. We are looking for druids that will pursue 215 and trust us when we say we have a lot of druid end game gear sitting in our inv looking for owners. We need people that want to hit 220 so we can eventually take down geleb. We have a good shot at it. We also have atleast 6+ sets for each class besides maybe rogue and warrior but this gear can be used by people, so level hard rangers, druids, mages. Also, to any of the old druids of Herne, you guys are welcomed to come back and work with us. Necro does die every day of spawn or the following day if spawns too late in the day. Our clan is not looking for immature kids as well or the trouble makers that have it bad with everyone.

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Serethem Lvl: 210 Class: ranger
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Armageddon01 Lvl: 105 Class: Mage
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Those old Druids already full edl on their toons on their new server :)
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Shadowbolt2 wrote:Those old Druids already full edl on their toons on their new server :)

Shots fired
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Gj Tim alb rest of clan for all the time effort into getting out DKP system set up. We kicked it off today and everything went smooth and points are already being accrued. Anyone on herne that's not immature and wants to be part of a growing clan with a fair drop system, is welcomed to apply, can send me, Timmy, alb or pretty much anyone in clan a pm or mail ig or check out our website or get the band app and join herne group. Happy hunting and hope to see you guys ig.

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