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Buying and selling

Selling the following items:

Cruel knife
Master twisted wand
Superior flame wand
Black winterstave
White winterstave
Sparkling green winterstave
Orange snowbound candycane
Icy and frosty candycanes
Hunstman masks
Halloween tokens
Orange firestorm rod
Greater reaper
Cruel sgian dubh
Some galar and kron stuff
Runes of summoning
Manuals and skillrings
Damage rings
Boggan charms
Darkfell flamebringer charm
Tor caith fairy charms
Frostiron rings
Black ensorcelled witch mask
Remnants and tablets
Full ancient silk set

Im buying: energy sigils, restos and haste lix.
I am willing to trade items for those items im buying.

pm me in game

Have a good day
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Mossbumblebee Level 178 rogue

Re: Buying

Ask 5lager. He got 4800 restos left on his alt. Bought 200 restos for 200g ea... :D
On Lugh:
Frazyl (still a low lvl, but it ll change fast) :p and a ranger

On Herne:
Zyljana, mage, lvl 192 (Main)
Azilo124, warrior, lvl 178
Frynt3, rogue, lvl 141

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