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Re: Merry F-ing Christmas

Ziva wrote:I don't know what's going on here, but judging by only reading this thread, let me sum up my impression:
Fraser has helped you on some thing(s) in the past, and he usually groups you in arena when Killain spawns.
He chose not to group you once, and despite everything he had done for you in the past, you are focusing on this one instance and bashing him on forums. Did I miss anything or misinterpret something?

And as far as outfitting your clan in DragonLord armor, here's the big secret Infection, Resurge, and Void use:
We camp the bosses that drop the items needed. That's it. How do you not know where they are?
Find me, I'll show you. Your clan needs to be commited to earning them and willing to put the time in.
I think u missed Frasers accusations. Being in the same clan ik you are more on your clannies side other than someone else. Seeing as she felt she was wrongly acted upon, I don't see a problem with it. I mean now she's kos what else is their to loose? Then she is also upset about Fraser aka KsQueen killing her for no reason after she asked what his problem was. Hope I shed some light on your misunderstanding. (Srry for sticking up for flicker here, but it seemed like you understood Frasers arguement so I figured there was no point repeating it)

Re: Merry F-ing Christmas

Flicker wrote:I don't think some of you are really reading my original post because you seem to have missed why I am angry. I have been declined before on Killian in the arena and It's never been this much of an issue. My issue was that I actually attacked Killian first because Fraser was busy killing people in arena. I invited him, but he declined and KS'ed me. THAT was rude, and I told him as much. His response was "group Res," and I asked him what the hell that was about - had I done something to deserve that response? He said I didn't do anything, and I said that made what he said and did even more rude. Next thing you know, he is killing me. My issue is that someone I respected and dare say even considered a friend turned on me rather suddenly for no obvious reason. Wouldn't that bother you?

Frankly, I have full Dragonlord and have for some time; while I appreciate the sentiment and suggestions, you are preaching to the choir. I am not a complete noob. I was not complaining, but instead I was responding to Fraser accusing me and my clan of being neutral to somehow play both sides and benefit from both. My point was, we DON'T benefit. I know where every single one of the Dragonlord bosses are and I am quite aware of the concept of camping - but our clan is too small to take most of them with only existing members, and if we group with another clan, we wind up dealing with you guys' bs clan war issues and lock wars. Already done that, been there, got the t-shirt.

The high level bosses I referred to are the 180 and up bosses. I would love a chance to hit one, if I had a chance of surviving or being successful and knew where they are. But the fact is, I don't know where any of the high level bosses are beyond the DL bosses. I don't have any players at that level left in my clan, and I don't try to ride the skirts of neutrality by expecting other clans to hold my hand and let me have a crack at them. My choice, of course, because yes, I could join another clan, etc. But the point is, my neutrality doesn't benefit me an ounce on this either.

So to reiterate for those who apparently didn't read my initial post - my problem was with Fraser deciding because I didn't kiss his arse to his satisfaction, I am now going to be attacked and killed for no other reason than because I didn't appreciate him leaving me out on a glad I too had been waiting on and attacked first. I was defensive because of subsequent comments made about how I and BF being neutral was somehow overtly or covertly beneficial to us, comments I feel were made to distract from or even justify the way I was treated. Bonus points, I suppose, since it seemed to have worked...

Minus/- infinity nub (flicks)~_~ fraser and curry are right:)
and i got da food for you curry
*Roasted chickens*

Ps: Flicker your so sensitive and
Fraser you had the right to ks that killian (wish you could do it more often to her)

Its not that i hate flicker
its the way she acts *dumb*

Soon to be kosed by me flicker almost 165 :-)

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