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All I wanted was loyalty, I have tried my best to keep everyone in clan but I was too weak. I did everything I could, upgrading everyone from wardens to frozens but can't give you guys dl because I was very weak and still am. I really tried my best, I really did but people still kept leaving. I played on other servers and killed the end game boss necro but does not feel the same way without you guys who I spent my years with, still empty. You guys are still in my heart but I have to let you all go...

What have become of us, we were so close like a family. We promised ourselves that we would not get mixed up in this war, but now we are in this war. I have never waged war but the reason why I wanted to destroy infection and ascension was because I wanted everyone to be under one roof together for peace and stop people from leaving me.I admit my plan was not good but all your friends seems like your enemies if you are broken down and empty. I felt heart broken seeing people leave clan, some admit they do miss the clan and regret leaving. I really miss the clan and the people, we were so happy and had so much fun.Real tears from my eyes dripping on my face, hard to describe how a game made me feel this way, felt so real.

If you have become a father, you will know this feeling..

"Oh son, I nourished you when you were a baby, I looked after you in care as you grew up until you became an adolescent,you lived upon what I worked for and strived and sacrifice in my body and time and wealth. So you may live healthy. Whenever a night passed you, when you were sick or ill or coughed. I was the first to be up. Carrying you and looking upon you with my heart. Afraid, if an atom or little breeze would harm you in anyway.I could not sleep while you were sick. Until you slept and then I slept. When I used to see you sick. It was as I was the one who was sick and ill. So my eyes would always overwhelm with tears, but you never knew. And when you finally reached the adulthood, which all my life I was anticipating and looking forward to seeing you become that.Seeing you graduate, seeing you get married, seeing you became a man of your own family and seeing you live your life, that is my reward."

I will always remember herne, where we all met for the first time,I love you all.I will rebuild clan even if everyone who was in it are not here, at least I am in herne and can be with you guys. This time if people leave clan, I will not be angry and sad. I will try to support you with all my energy, we shall rise again. I want to kill necromancer with the people I love before I die. Love you all.

Re: rebuild

P1R4HN4 wrote:
Superman wrote:Herne needs to be split into 2 servers.

Someone give this man a cookie! Truthfully the best idea I've heard in a whole year.

But but...my cookie :cry:
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I stole it...and i ate it in front of curry :ugeek:

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