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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Liviticus wrote:
Serethem wrote:
Deepdarkness wrote:we play together :D we're usually from morrigan (both lvl 100+ so no noobs haha)

U r a n00b till 190+. I will enjoy ksing u sometime.

1-144 is noob, 145 is Extremely pro, 146-200 pro.
nope your still a noob._. Anyway you see it as a high or low level
Warrior:170 :3
World: Herne

Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hey Guys my name is Essa Kedelina i am a old player in celtic heroes my name is thebozz one day i hacked the game admins banned me my acc was highest lvl 207 i had a lot of plat and gold i tried to get it back but admins were cruel and didnt give back so i just wanted to announce i am tired no one wants to help me i asked every one i got no one no family not even a girl friend i am a kid that lives alone at newyork

Also a lot of players like gio sulfur called me liar and scam,we i wish i could prove but i cant sorry guys admins if u read
This msg u ruined my life

I lost a lot of accs like XxmonkeyxX and monkeys rogue ,thebozz , and a lot more that i cant even remember

And also i got one word if u wanna be my friend on groupie just send ur name to this email ahmadshow17@gmail.com
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