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Re: Herne lost a wonderful player today

AnzacTerk wrote:DENMA GAR of herne server passed away today in real life. Please wish him Godspeed and a calm sea wherever his next journey takes him. He was a way better human than I am and took the time and effort to guide new toons and made herne word a little bit better every day he was in it. RIP MY FRIEND in and out of game. Your presence will be missed. Next drinks on me. Line them up.....

I am sooo sorry for your loss Anzac :( I wish him a peaceful rest..Rest in peace buddy..

Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

So, since I haven't done this I guess I should introduce myself as a member of the world of Herne?

The name of my main character is Angmar Reid. I'm a level 100 Warrior thats still trying to figure out how to play as a Warrior. Lol. I am a particular fan of the Sacred Watch fashion and hope to work my way up to the white-coloured set.
Angmar Reid--Warrior--Herne Level 140
Ellyn Medic--Druid--Herne

"In reckless courage, power of inspiring dread, sense of personal merit and frankness of speech, the Irish Hero is inferior to no one"
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