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Re: Britannians!

May I just say that these are the most perfect set of rules I have seen in a clan. If u follow these rules strictly lordbrittish ur clan will rise to the top in herne and I will be there with u to the end. I have only one request. That's that u set some lvl requirements being u have to be at least lvl 30 to join unless ur a Druid or a high lvl clan members alternate character.but I am proud to be a member of ur clan and we will be number one in herne my friends!

Re: Britannians!

Hey mates,

Just a suggestion. We should have clan leader, second in charge, then each class should have a leader with a second in charge. Loots should be decided on clan leader, second in charge and each of the class leaders. Always need before greed. If anyone has an issue it goes to class leader first, if they are not on, then second in command for that class. Always clan leader and second in charge are viable options. This would give a 12 person board of directors sort of speaking. 7 mains and 5 subs. It would look like this:

Clan leader
Second in command

Rogue leader guardian
Warrior leader guardian
Druid leader guardian
Wizard leader guardian
Ranger leader guardian

Rogue guardian
Warrior guardian
Druid guardian
Wizard guardian
Ranger guardian

Then you can add a third tier if/ when needed. So being a rogue I would take any concerns "drama" to the rogue leader guardian or rogue guardian before anyone else. If there is an issue between a rogue and a warrior that the players cannot sort out then the rogue and warrior class leaders would chat and sort it out.

For boss fights the leader guardians would invite people to group to form the groups. So for the main tank, he would be in a group with mostly Druids for the healing, just an example.

It will be important to have good structure moving forward with the new patch having pvp, and new content.

Also player level cap should be 50 at this point and when new update comes out up it to 60.

Best regards,


Re: Britannians!

A very good set of rules L.B, I Also think that I should be made the head Mage :)
Considering I'm pretty much the only Mage in the clan.
Let me know back on the game as I don't come on here much, I only came to look because of the clan message.

Name: Santino
Class: Mage
Level: 123
Clan: Fearless
World: Herne
Player Since - 2011


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