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Re: *Tales of herne and superninja*

One of my earliest memories is Borat standing naked in Lir's with his fellow mercenaries members jumping around together, I don't know why I didn't stop playing at that moment.
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Re: *Tales of herne and superninja*

superninja wrote:So, where to start? Lol
Many things happen while I was gone. Endless wars between the 2 top clans..
A few good friends quit. Anyway..
Hi everyone!
For those who's new on this game or don't know who I am well, I'm superninja! Lol.

Got a story about me and this server to share for those who doesn't know..
Herne started with a few clan, the most known clan at the time was 'goldenknights'.. Fast forwarding the story..
Gokdenknights have a few good players and some still plays today.

When I started the game..
Goldenknights split up because Darlington (leader) quit the game. Some members from this clan form a new clan call spellsingers, tearsofdeath, brittainian etc.

At the time, spellsingers was the most powerful clan which leads by woven (with most at the time, high level members). Tearsofdeath leads by Whookr (fewer members and high lvls) and my small unnoticed (brittinian) leads by LordBritain (but shaden wear the pants lol :p love you shad)
Time goes by (another fast forward).. spellsingers becomes hands down the only powerful clan in herne so brittainian and tearsofdeath members had decided to join force and become 'NewBritainnia'.
That's when everything changes.. Ks war starting to happen between spellingsingers and NewBritainnia endlessly. Both clan lvl hard to stay on top of eachother for better drops and loots, it got out of hand.
By that time, both clan hate and love eachother enough to become friends and the large spellsingers (short by Ss) start to have internal problems with powers and clan controlling. We (at the time) as NewBritiannia (short by NB) decided to bail the leaders from Ss to join NB. Short after the leaders from Ss joined NB, Ss changed the clan name to darkangels (short by DA). With 2 large clan from NB and DA continue the hate for eachother and endless ks wars, things starting to get old. After the previous updates (updates 3).. I have returned back from 9 months holidays from overseas and were having some personal issues so the feeling for the game wasn't on my mind... My love for the game is fallen, the boredom build within the top ranked of the game from both DA and NB.
Another fast forward lol... Most leaders from both NB and DA share the same boredom and decided to join force which becomes TheNuMob and the effected NB then decided to forget the past and start fresh to once became Pagans. The upsetting caused by top leaders from NB caused hatered toward TheNuMob started another war between the 2 top clans. Later down the track.. Most leaders from TheNuMob (I myself included) decided that we had enough with the game through boredom and wars + plus personal problems.. We decided to quit.
Today, Pagans became infection and TheNuMob became Defiance. The wars continue..

My moral of this story is.. Regardless of love or hate, good or bad times that we had. FRIENDSHIP WILL NEVER DIE!!
I decided to revisit this game and my one and only server, HERNE.

I miss my friends: Shaden, LordBritain, Whookr, Loki, Swinefloo, Kade, Kassoe, Budsam, Superman, Alvaron, SirSpunkAlot, Puddun, Deathstro, Brzoza, BrandonZeth, Saxo, Magsee, Lordben, Pyker, Atreyu, Itsme, Bagels, Lecarn, Jons, Bolmont, Grommet, Dersu, Taco + his little annoying brother lol, Woven, benny, maxx and lots more!! (sorry if your name didn't get mentioned).

Regardless of the endless ks wars or and other gabage this game causes all of us greed, love, hate, happy or sad
These people are the reason why I keep on logging back in.
Im still today keeping contact with both side of the clans via Facebook and glassboard. I am proud to say that I miss these people and would like to thank them for helping me grow by sharing their ideas and knowledge to me personally. I am touch by these people and wanting to let anyone who is reading this.. IT IS JUST A GAME!! You play to have fun, enjoy and relax from your real life. Just make friends and you may come across some good friends just like me :)
Ps. Some part of this story not be accurate as it has been along time for me and I have tried at best of my abilities to provide you with the true possible flashbacks of how this server started and how it related to me.
And to say hi lol.

He mentioned me! In form form of "his annoying little brother" lol i am finally mentioned somewhere!
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