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Interested in End Game : Old Herne Player Looking for Advice

Thank you for all the players who messaged me in-game. I found a guild and am beginning to work toward leveling.

Greetings Herne Community:

It's awesome to see Herne still lively with characters from all walks of life! I played on this server from Winter 2011 - Summer 2014. Definitely had my fair share of adventures and shenanigans during that time. I recently got back in the game because I wanted to try out the new mechanics and gaming engine. So far, I am impressed and decided I want to pick up this game again. I am currently a Lvl 172 Warrior who can hold my own until Lvl 200, but like most Massive Multiplayer Online games only by working with a guild can individuals grow. I chose Celtic Heroes because of the nature of my real life duties, the Mobile MMO genre lets me game on the go instead of playing an MMO that requires a desktop setup.

I am trying to get connected to more players from the Herne community and start meeting new folks. I heard players using other applications for communication about Celtic Heroes content, but found nothing solid. Just like my post subject says, I am interested in playing for the end game. I have 10 years of experience gaming in the MMO genre and I have seen it all.

Several games include, but are not limited to: ArcheAge, World of Warcraft, Tera, Elder scrolls Online, etc.

Not a resume, but you get the point. I am a gamer. I am passionate in how I spend my free time and I choose MMOs. Lastly, I prefer to rock'n roll with players who don't cause a ruckus or disputes with other players on the server or community. Only interested in guidance and constructive criticism please.

Looking for Advice on:
- Meeting fellow Celtic Heroes: Herne Community Members. Other forms of communication and links if you can to those communities.
- Herne Guild recommendations, Must have some type of application/communication process. I refuse to join guilds with no structure nor organization. Family-friendly oriented is a must. No abusive language. No harassing of other players in-guild and out-of-guild.

If my post is violating any rules, please let me know so I can edit out those parts. Thank you for everyone's time and help.


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