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Xfer to Arawn

Looking to xfer some stuff back to arawn... Herne was a lot of fun, got to meet a lot of cool people... But... the constant griefing, the trash talk, the negativity, the high prices on items like sigs and lixs and tokens made it a turn off... Wish I could have made it to EG and played on two worlds but I guess it wasn't meant to be...

Looking to sell/xfer:
90/30 eagle stick - 1.5m
Focus of the seer - 250k
Focus of the Mystic - 350k
Pirate eye patch - 80k
A small amount of gold (like 300k?)

Middleman required for xfer or you go first... Safety first :-)
Arawn-Quit 2/4/18
Bobthemage 227
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Resurgence of Arawn is now recruiting!

Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
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