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Beginner's Overview! Getting Started!

You are about to embark on an epic journey through Dal Riata and it needs you to save it from crawling mobs. This guide will include everything you need to know to get you started. While this will give you everything you need to know to get started, you will pick up minor details by yourself as you gain more experience through playing. While this covers a brief overview to get you started, I encourage you to look through other guides for in-depth guides on certain subjects. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the Celtic Heroes community. We are eager to help out anyone we can.

When you first start your game you will be prompted to create a character in which you may choose a class to play. Currently there are 5 classes: warrior, rogue, ranger, mage and druid. I would highly recommend sticking to one class instead of making new toons. When you reach endgame you can make a new toon. Until then, however, you should not switch characters/classes because each time you switch, you are essentially starting over.

The warrior is a melee class that uses spear/sword/axe. Their stat points are vitality, strength, and focus if needed. They have the most health and armor out of any other class, which makes them great pvp duelers and are needed for bosses. With a full tank warrior you can have more than 30k health, and to put that into perspective, other classes would average around 5-6k health. Their outstanding armor amplifies their health, which makes tank warriors one of the most important classes for bosses. However, when you are leveling up you should have a damage build instead of a tank build. This is so that you can kill mobs faster so you can level up more efficiently. Once you reach the endgame, you have the option to choose to switch to a tank build.
The rogue is a melee class that maximizes DPS through their skills and auto attacks. Their stat points are vitality, strength, dexterity, and focus if needed.They value speed (attack-wise) over anything else, so they dish out a constant array of damage instead of nuking enemies once in a while. Their fast speed in attacking enemies makes them great for competing against other clans.
The ranger is a ranged class that values DPS (just like rogues). Their stat points are vitality, strength, dexterity, and focus if needed. However, they use fewer skills than rogues and rely heavily on auto attacks. With elixirs that grant auto attack speed, they can be extremely deadly and can out-DPS any other class. Their damage, however, is relatively weak early on but will improve tremendously as you progress.
The mage is a ranged class that nukes enemies with spells. Their stat points are vitality and focus. Currently, there are two types of mage spells: fire and ice. Unless if you are at endgame, you should only stick with one type as there is a passive skill called ice or fire attunement which boosts your respective ice or fire damage. However, you can only have one of them at a time, so it is just recommended to stick with one type. Fire-type skills have less cast time and cooldown than ice skills but deal less damage. Inversely, ice deal much more damage but the cooldown and cast times are also much higher. Certain bosses are weaker or even immune to certain types of types, so having a balance between ice and fire mages is a good idea in a clan.
The druid is a ranged class that heals allies and can also have the potential to deal a lot of damage. Their stat points are vitality and focus. While their auto attacks deal melee damage, everyone just turns auto attack off because of their damage negligible. Their healing is extremely beneficial towards bosses.

Every new level you gain five stat points to spend to make your character stronger. There are four different types of stats you can spend the points on and each improves a different thing in your overall stats. These can be found on your stats page. For a more detailed guide check out bitey’s in depth guide to statistics.

Types of overall stats:
Determines how much damage you are able to withstand.
You spend energy when you cast most types of spells.
Increases the chance of your auto attacks to land successfully. However, this is not to be confused with Damage.
Determines the strength of your basic attack. This also increases the damage of some skills.
Increases the chance of dodging your opponent's auto attacks.
Reduces the damage your opponents deal towards you.
Carried Items
Your backpack has a limit to how many unique items it can hold. The carried items stat shows how many unique items you are carrying to how many unique items your backpack can hold.
Equipped Weight
Most gear has weight. These don't slow you down, but they reduce your energy given by focus.

Types of stats you can spend stat points on:
Increases the damage dealt when you attack. The damage it increases depends on your gear and stats.
Each point increases your attack by 1 and your defense by 2. This also increases the damage of some skills.
Each point increases your maximum energy by 6.25.
Each point increases your maximum health by 6.26.

Action Button
The action button is located on the bottom right of your screen. If you press a player, you can inspect them by pressing the action button. You can talk to game characters through the action button. You can also auto attack mobs through the action button. For an in-depth guide on auto attack, go to Bitey's Guide.

There are many quests that you can do. They are your key to leveling up early on. After certain levels, there will be repeatable quests that you can do. They are quests that you can keep repeating for more XP to gain more levels.

Leystones are your favorite friends. You can teleport to leystones that you discover instantly by going to the maps section. However, the number of items you carry must be below your backpack limit. The only exceptions to this are traveling to castle leystones and using leystone fragments so you can bypass the backpack limit.

Throughout the game, there are many shops you can browse through. These shops can sell armor, weapons, jewelry, ingredients for cooking, and more. Some of them require you to do certain tasks in order to access them, and some require a minimum amount of gold. The time lost luxury shop located in Dunskeig Sewers is a special kind of shop. It sells jewelry from past events, and you must do a quest that requires you to have 500k gold in order to access it permanently. It only sells 3 types of jewelry at once, and it refreshes each time someone buys from it.

Your hotbar is located on the right side. It is where you are able to cast spells. You can also equip elixirs on your hotbar and gear you can quickly swap out for situational builds. To put a gear in your hotbar, you need to go to your inventory and click on the gear that you want to put on your hotbar, and press favour. Next, go to your skills page and go to the equipment tab and you should be able to equip it from there. You will get one free page of hotbar slots. You may purchase more slots for 3 platinum each.

Mounts are widely used as they let you travel quicker. Battle mounts can be obtained through mount tokens from chests or bounties. They are able to be equipped along with your weapons so you can bring them to battle. A limitation is that when you die with battle mounts, the mount will disappear and the only way to get it back is by either waiting 60 seconds, using a mount whistle, or paying 100 gold to Bowen the Horsemaster near the Farcrag Bailey leystone. There are other types of mounts obtained from previous events, but since they are unavailable now the only way to get them is to buy them off of other players. They are equipped onto your mainhand slot, meaning that you cannot equip them with your weapons. This youtube video by MortalCreed highlights mounts from previous events that are rare now.

Types of battle mounts:
War bear
Skill granted: Resilience (blocks incoming damage for 10 seconds)
Stats granted: strength, vitality, physical attack evasion, spell attack evasion, wounding attack evasion
War wolf
Skill granted: Howl (deals piercing damage to a target in range)
Stats granted: dexterity, focus, spell attack evasion, movement attack evasion, weakening attack evasion
War horse
Skill granted: Trample (deals crushing damage to a target in range)
Stats granted: strength, dexterity, physical attack evasion, movement attack evasion, weakening attack evasion
War elk
Skill granted: Lightning Discharge (deals magic damage to your target and slows their movement speed for a short duration)
Stats granted: focus, vitality, spell attack evasion, movement attack evasion, wounding attack evasion

Similar to mounts, you can also equip pets to aid you in your battles. One thing that's unique about pets is that they don't die when you die. Rather, they must be constantly fed food you can obtain from Elva the Pet Breeder. If they run out of food, they won't die; they will just become useless and rest until you give them food.

Types of pets:
Skill granted: Natural Focus (heals health and energy)
Stats granted: focus, vitality, resist magic, spell attack evasion
Skill granted: Canine Bite (damages an enemy and reduces their defence)
Stats granted: vitality, resist crush, physical attack evasion
Skill granted: Rake (hits the enemy hard and inflicts damaging wounds)
Stats granted: strength, attack, physical attack evasion
Skill granted: Pounce (hits the enemy hard with a powerful bite from its poisonous fangs)
Stats granted: dexterity, attack, wounding attack evasion
Skill granted: Feral Protection (causes your Boar to come to your defence, returning damage back against your enemies)
Stats granted: vitality, armour, defence
Skill granted: Fowl Fortune (restores health to the user)
Stats granted: dexterity, attack, movement attack evasion
Skill granted: Crushing Talons (deals crushing damage to your target and reduces their evasions)
Stats granted: focus, resist magic, wounding attack evasion
Skill granted: Poison/Flaming/Freezing/Magical Breath (deals damage in a short area around your enemy and extra damage per tick for 15 seconds)
Stats granted: strength, dexterity, focus, vitality, critical strike, critical skills
Notes: Obtained from opening chests or buying eggs off of other players.
Skill granted: Catch (swipes its claws into the water helping you catch a fish)
Stats granted: fishing power, concentration
Notes: Obtained from quests. Used for fishing.

Bounties are a great way to earn money, level up, and earn battle mounts and pets. The bounty board can be found in the castle near the fountain. Each day you can do up to 2 bounties. However, you can bypass this limit by using hunter's pledges. These can be obtained from a quest giver adjacent to the bounty board, which makes you collect hunter's remains from the ground throughout maps.

Leveling Up
Your level is a big part of Celtic Heroes. Some ways of leveling up are by doing repeatable quests or by using knowledge elixirs (commonly referred to as xps). XP elixirs increase the amount of XP you gain per mob. If you want to be really fancy you can use combination elixirs (commonly referred to as combos). These are more expensive than regular XP's, but these give you other stat increase as well.
In order to get the experience for a mob, you must achieve lock and your group must deal more of the mob's health than other groups/players.

Armor Quests
There are armor quests that you can do to get strong pieces of armor. You must get the previous pieces of armor to get the next one. Frozen also gives a main-hand weapon and dragonlord (DL) and exalted dragonlord (EDL) gives both main-hand weapons and offhand weapons. The order of the questlines for armor sets (along with links to more information provided by Bitey) are: warden, frozen, dragonlord (DL), exalted dragonlord (EDL), and doch gul (DG).

Bosses reward you with gear, which makes you stronger. Most bosses have certain spawn times and spawn windows. Bitey made an in depth guide on boss timing.

Clans are a big part of Celtic Heroes. A good clan can get your geared up if you help them kill bosses. In the process, you also develop ties with your members and form relations. However, since many clans want to be the best one, tensions may arise. Try to avoid disputes between clans. Many clans use third-party apps that connect all the members into chat rooms. This is useful for calling members that a boss has spawned or any other clan topics or family-bonding topics. This can be a big part of the experience that you will receive during your travels in Dal Riata.

Lock Battles
Currently, we have a system for players of separate groups to compete on bosses. When your group exceeds the threshold for a boss, you gain "lock" to that boss. This means that your group will gain all the experience, gold, and drops that the boss gives while the groups that lost gains nothing. When your level is a lot higher than the level of the boss, your group gains a level disadvantage which basically increases the damage threshold making it harder to lock the boss. This is a system that is highly debated on, as it can cause unfairness to players with high levels but it can also give lower levels a chance to lock it. Because of the level disadvantage for high-level players, many create more characters dedicated to locking bosses. They just sit at a certain level for optimal locking chance.

Celtic Heroes is split up into many servers. Some servers have different player based atmospheres. For example, one server may have rival clans while others have clans that all team up. Some servers can also be more advanced than others. You should do your research and see which server suits you the best. It is impossible to trade between servers, so don't think lightly about picking servers.

Your reputation is, in my opinion, the most important thing to keep. This means keeping your cool with everyone and not act like a jerk. Also, I'm not sure why anyone would do this and I believe you wouldn't either, but scamming is a huge issue in this game. While our community has improved drastically over the years, there are still scammers here and there. You have to learn to identify when someone is attempting to scam you. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For instance, if someone offers you that they can hack the game and give you 1 million gold if you give them 100k gold, that should come up as red flags in your mind... I cannot stress enough of how a simple scam has the absolute potential to turn on you. I am sure you wouldn't scam anyone, but just lock that in the back of your mind. Just remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Have Fun!
This may sound cliché, but is having fun not the reason why you decided to play? Many players now are engrossed in the game so much so that they do not have fun anymore. Of course, there lies competition ahead of you, but you need to still have fun! :D

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