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Beginner's Guide - Warrior

Welcome to Dal Riata Warrior. As a melee specialist, hold that sword up high, the fight is about to begin!

By becoming a Warrior you have a big decision ahead of you, what kind of Warrior will you be?

Like Rogues or Rangers you can use your skills to cause as much damage you can, or DPS. Or you can choose a more challenging path and become a Tank.

As a Tank it will be your job to take almost all the damage from your enemies in order to protect the others in your group.

What will you choose to become?

Starting Skills –DPS

Pummel – This is a good skill to start with as its effectiveness is determined by your character’s Strength, rather than the weapon that you’re using.
Giant Swing – Another great skill for damage, however the damage this skill causes is determined by how powerful your weapon is, so as time goes on this skill will become more useful as you upgrade your weapon.
Shield Bash – As the name suggests, this skill will hit the enemy with your shield, stunning them and causing a certain amount of damage.

Starting Skills – Tank

Protective Stance – A very useful skill for keeping yourself alive as it will boost your armour, lowering the amount of damage done to your character for 90 seconds.
Taunt – Another highly useful skill for Tanks, especially when fighting in a group. This skill will increase the enemy’s aggression towards your character making it more likely to attack, drawing it away from the rest of your team.
Enduring Guard – This skill will boost your character’s Evasion which makes your character more likely to be able to dodge attacks from the enemy instead of being damaged.

Both very different jobs that your Warrior can take on, it will be up to you to decide which one is going to suit you.
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