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Beginner's Guide - Rogue

So you’ve decided to create a Rogue character? Excellent choice!

Rogues are masters of speed and stealth, appearing out of nowhere and killing their enemies before they know what’s hit them. In a fight a Rogue relies on speed and high levels of damage to kill its enemies and would certainly prefer to dodge an enemy’s attack than to get hit by it.

Rogues focus on causing as much damage as they can as quickly as possible. They prefer to use daggers in one or both hands and use their speed to cause rapid, precise strikes rather than putting all their strength into one mighty blow.

Before you lies a whole world in danger of being overrun with evil, with you to defend it. Are you up to the challenge?

We shall see…

Starting Skills

Sneaky Attack – This should be the first attack you use in a fight. It can only be used when your enemy is not targeting you, so as a Rogue you should be looking to attack your enemy before they attack you. This skill will deal a high amount of damage which your enemy can’t dodge.
Rend – This is a good skill to use at the beginning of the game as you’re levelling up. This skill wounds the enemy and takes off health gradually over 15 seconds and is useful to use before your other skills are more powerful.
Quick Strike – This skill will cast instantly as soon as you click on it dealing a large amount of damage to your enemy. You should use this skill after Sneaky Attack and always click it again as soon as it’s cool-down has finished.

As you progress through the game you will acquire many more skills which are all good for different reasons. You must decide which ones are going to help your character the most in its struggles to defeat its enemies.

Playing a Rogue means that you are strong and tough enough to survive alone against simpler enemies. But it is wiser and safer to group together with others when you’re facing bigger and stronger enemies.
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