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Beginner's Guide - Ranger

Welcome to the world of Dal Riata Ranger!

With a keen eye and a steady hand, Rangers can deal death from a distance while wielding their powerful bows and razor sharp arrows. With practise and training you will be able to kill your enemies before they can get close to you.

Rangers will prefer to stand back from a fight, avoiding close combat and let the Rouges and Warriors distract the enemy while they rain arrows down from above.

Starting Skills

Steady Aim – This is a great skill to use and you should use it before you go into a fight as it will increase the accuracy and damage of all of your attacks for 2 minutes.
Sharp Shot – A great skill for causing high amounts of damage to your enemy.
Light Heal – This is a very helpful skill as you can use it to heal yourself if there’s not a Druid nearby, but you can also use it to heal your friends nearby.

As you play your way through Celtic Heroes you will find many more skills for your character to use. You must then decide which ones are going to help your Ranger the most as they face ever more dangerous enemies.
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