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Beginner's Guide - Druid

Welcome to the world of Dal Riata!

Druids can harness the powers of nature either to preserve or to destroy life. You will bring death and destruction down upon your enemies, while healing the wounds and restoring the health of your friends and allies.

As a Druid you will never be without friends. It will be your task to keep everybody alive in the fights to come. As a healer, you will be one of the most highly prized and important people in any clan or group that you join.

Your time in Dal Riata will be an exciting struggle against the forces of evil and keeping death at bay.

Do you feel up to the challenge?

Starting Skills

Lightning Strike – This skill deals a high amount of damage to your enemy and is very useful when you are starting to level up your character.
Strangling Vines – This skill traps your enemy in thorny vines dealing high damage, gradually over 30 seconds.
Nature’s Touch – This skill can be used to heal either yourself or any other player. This skill is extremely useful throughout the whole game.

As you progress through the game you will have the chance to learn many more skills to increase your Druid’s power. Each have their own benefits and you must find which ones are going to help you the most.

As a Druid you can use your power to cause great damage, or more importantly you can use it to heal and keep your friends alive. Which are you going to choose?
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