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Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:23 pm
by Sweefish
If someone could link the “still no helm” from the general discussion in a comment so people can see the origination I would appreciate it.

Journal log
Day 152 ..

Today is what we call camping day. We have learned that Bloodthorn can return after being defeated 48 hours later. We also learned that when we humiliate him in defeat he cantake up to 96 hours to return so we set up camp.

On a separate note, as we were make no plans for the day a call came out from the Tower of Gelebron that Proteus had been spotted. Upon arrival we realized that it was none other than one of the Primes. We quickly sounded the alarm and in a matter of minutes we had engaged in intense combat. After our many encounters with Bloodthorn this battle seemed a bit easier than we remembered it was merely a few minutes before we sent this Proteus back to the depths. Then when we sorted out the spoils of battle we realized we had recieved a nice trinket. Finally! Something to say to our worn out comrades was an item to reward our efforts. It may not be godly or imperial but at this stage we will accept whatever we can get. A royal attack brace was just what we needed for a little morale boost.

One tribe member suggested we sacrifice that item to the almighty RNGesus so our fortune with Bloodthorn can take a turn for the better. But nay at this point we feel so forsaken by any god that we will keep what we earned.

I must depart and make the proper provisions for the evenings activities.

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:35 pm
by Mind
Sweefish wrote:If someone could link the “still no helm” from the general discussion in a comment so people can see the origination I would appreciate it.

Original entry
Second entry

:D I'm actually enjoying this fantastic version of daily raids lol

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:01 pm
by Sweefish
Day 153...

umm something just happened. I woke up and this storm they called reset apparently took place while I was sleeping. Fortunately the trusted clansmen that was standing guard took care of Mordris, Necro, and Proteus. I must prepare for Bloodthorn!!! Normally I love it when the reset storm hits but usually we are able to see the storm coming, apparently this time it just popped up out of nowhere and we were not able to prepare. The rumor in camp is that this reset is going to bring the legendary helm today, while its nice to see the guys haven't lost hope I fear that they will be let down yet again.

I do believe I can be done in the tavern for a while, I have filled the storehouse with extra baras that were made to perfection in case we need them again and should only have to cook to feed the troops for our fights with Bloodthorn. Holy #*$! Gelebron is here and has not been banished, I must organize the clan, I am sure they are tired from the storm but we must dismiss him from our presence!

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:38 pm
by Sweefish
Ok Back,

Shortly after we started slaying Bloodthorn our humble clan forged an alliance with a Worldiwide Prestigious group which has seemed to be great for our world. Today specifically I think both clans saw the benefit of this alliance. They would be months away from being able to kill any of the monsters with 6 stars over their head in the top of the tower and we most likely would have had to wait to slay Gelebron until a later time today. However, with the two groups acting interdependently we were able to send him away for at least 48 hours once again. And jubilation the leaders are now able to take the pure essence from GelebRon and decide who gets another peice of doch armor.

Council time! Will report on our 46th encounter with the nasty plant tomorrow. I’m bringing weed killer to the party today!

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:25 pm
by Sweefish
Day 154...

Waking up today to a hangover, there was a lot of drinking after our 46th kill of Bloodthorn last night. The drinking, unfortunately wasn't in celebration but rather to num the feeling of despair of seeing the same necklaces and it seems the imperial items that we get from the plant are only recast rings that have limited use. One member of our tribe believes that the reset storm that was sent by the admin god was sent because the god saw that Bloodthorn before the storm was going to have a helmet and sent the reset to bring a nerfed drop Bloodthorn. At this point I think we believe this theory.

Today I think I am going to start a 3 day fast. No consumption of plat items for three days. I know it will be difficult but if I fast and if I pray to RNGesus I am hoping we will be blessed with better fortunes.

Another woe was brought up at council last night, Doch Armor. Doch has almost become a four letter word that we don't allow to be spoken. We did a head count before Bloodthorn and we were going to have 55 people, all of whom would be considered heroes in their own right, helping kill the plant. Math is something we believe the god known as Developer has yet to consider but we gathered rocks for an hour so we would have enough to do the math on this. We determined that for 55 clan members, we have twice that that are active, to receive full Doch armor it would take 825 pure confluxes. We seem to be averaging one of those confluxes every three days. It is going to take 2,475 days (that was a lot of rocks to collect to do this math by the way) for those 55 to receive Doch armor. Thats almost 7 years for just those members that were going to be helping with Bloodthorn this night.

Between the reality of helmets not dropping and doch taking years to gear individuals I am going to have my work cut out for me to maintain morale. Today I become a praying man:

"dear developer god, I humbly come before thee in earnest prayer. I ask that thou wouldst assist this meek servant in my journey to provide for the needs of my fellow brothers and sisters. I confess that I am but a single man and can in no way I alone can keep the spirits up of those I lead. I need thy divine intervention and the aid that only a fruitful god such as yourself can provide. I understand that my will matters not, but thine that will be done. I simply ask that thou would consider bestowing better RNGesus upon us and I humbly request that thou would increase the frequency that I can provide my people with the upgrades they work so diligently to receive. Please consider this humble request oh almighty one, amen"

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:28 pm
by LeGenDzZ
Hope these journal logs will continue even after the mythical helm finally drops.

Reminds me of this amazing piece by the Farmer.

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:02 pm
by Sweefish
Day 155....

Today started like most others. A general stagnant atmosphere exists in the world. A lot of attitudes are turning more and more pessimistic. I strive to provide silver linings to the members of the clan but I fear the fact that getting fodder from the slain monsters of the world on a regular basis has soured things for individuals. Even just now we have slain another Prime which dropped a godly bracelet suitable for a warrior that likes to take the beatings from a monster, aka tank. You would think this would bring celebration. While it is a positive thing for the clan there is an aura of animosity toward it as we determine which warrior will receive this rare treasure. All of the clansmen understand that these kind of items are a once a year thing that we only find when the sun and other stars line up just right. As such there is a general understanding that the warriors that are not awarded with this prize may not see another such find in their lifetime. Our only hope is that the God Admin will understand the plight of its followers and bless us with improved treasures.

Verily, I say unto our clan, do not put faith in change that has not happened. Nevertheless, do not give up the hard work you have put in. I am proud of the fact that we have worked hard to improve our skills, and despite the lack of quality improvements to our armor and adornment we are growing stronger through improving our abilities.

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:47 pm
by Sweefish
Day 156....

Three months ago a day like today would have inspired a buzz and excitement. However after 5 months of relentlessly searching for the helmet we have come to the conclusion that we should not even consider the helmet as an option when hunting Bloodthorn. We will continue to passionately kill him however, any plans we had as a group of using the helmet to allow other clans to kill Mordris are gone at this point. Furthermore, we had thought that we could save some Gele Pureness for other clan members instead of gearing helmets to complete doch set. Both of those dreams have been shattered. We had hopped to see another Bloodthorn appearance today and we were not let down. While killing the 47th bloodthorn did not warrant a helmet we did get our first skill ring for our bowmen of the clan. There will be much drinking of wine and celebrating tonight around the fire.

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:49 pm
by Sweefish
Day 157...

This entry will be short, not much new to report today. With the acceptance that Helmets from Bloodthorn do not exist I believe I am going to propose to the council of leaders that we increase the value we put on killing Mordris. As I contemplate I wonder if we are being punished by the gods for striving to help those on other parallel universes with their Bloodthorn situations.

I have been asked if I will continue to keep a journal if we ever find a helmet. The answer is yes, unfortunately finding one helmet does very little to end our plight. We have 50 or more clan members waking up and leaving jobs, or hiding in lavatories to help us defeat this monster. If we had a perfect distribution of assignments across those 50 and a helmet drops there is only 5-10 individuals that could use that helmet. I feel a rush of hopelessness as I realize 10 helmets could be discovered before each role in our clan would have access to obtain a helmet, and that is if a different one of each helmet was found each time. Last night our Rangers breathed out a sigh of relief as the first Ranger skill ring was discovered. It was then that we realized we have seen zero Tank Charms and skill Rings. I am running out of cliches to use to keep the natives from getting restless.

Re: Quest for the Helm journal log ... continued

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:02 am
by Sweefish
Day 158...

Well we got another reset storm this morning. I felt like I barely got any sleep, oh wait I did barely get any sleep. When I grow up I want to be a weatherman, never give any accurate predictions and still keep his job. When I went to bed the skies looked normal, but just an hour after I fell asleep the alarm was sounded that the reset storm was coming. You would think with the technology we have that we could predict these things a little further in advance.

Well the good news is that Mordris and Necromancer were both killed just hours before the storm so we got to kill them twice. The bad news is despite double the treasure it all ends up being garage sale material. I hope that the reset storm that came through brings some good news on the Bloodthorn Helmet. We will see.