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Sinful Sale

Hey all,

I am having a big sale on a lot of items. If you see something you like please send me a message here with the name and Ill shoot you a price.
Prices are final.


95% white horse (no gallop)
85% Arctic Wings (yellow and white ones) with air shield and more

Bow of the Despoiler
Song sparrow (white very rare bird)
Shadow Grim Natures magic 200
Dark Trident of Wrath
Masters Grim
Veild Crow (black uncommon crow)
Golden Trident of Fire
Fiery Axe of Triumph
Hooded Crow (semi rare bird)
Askolds Totem
Runic Grim of Mystery - lvl 200 mage book
Void Skull of Firestorm - 30% reduce on firestorm cast

Heroic Boots of Speed x2
Heroic Gloves of Haste
Godly Helm of Atchach's Intellect - Cloak of fire 10, Iceshards 10, Energyboost 10

Pink Lanrik Set
White Sanghal Set x2
Pink Hunter Set
White Sunlit set (no cuffs)
Black Pirate Set ( no boots)

Random Fashion
Black mask of Lugh
Black Pirate top
black dark rider pants
black quatermaster pants
white sanghal pants
black airdmaire woad
White Pirate shirt
Darksea Captains Skullcap
Cerulean tor caitch farie charm
Black glisening sangal boots
Pink frostguard top
Orange mask of Lugh
Blond Orstra wig
Black sacred arural hat
Black sanghal top
Pink Sanghal top
Yellow sangal wig x2
Pink Summer Garland
Sleghriders Hat (green santa hat)

Jewelry (most classes)
Mighty frostiron of thawing 130lvl - focus 60, fire-bolt 6, def 120
Osans Blood Opal Band lvl 190 - focus 50, lure of fire 8, incinerate 4
Royal Emberdrake brace of Blazes lvl 180 - fire bolt 135, firestorm 203, focus 80
Royal infernocasters circlet of the crag lvl 190 - focus 90, lure of fire 8, fire magic 420
Godly Alchemic Ring of Fire attune lvl 200 - fire attune 10
Mord ring of Imperial Abyssal Ring of inferno lvl 190 - fire bolt 9, Incinerate Skill 9
Enchanters Bracelet of Vita lvl 120 - vita 75, shield of bark 5
Royal Silverweb Charm of Night for Rogue lvl 170 - dex 120, fast reflexes 8, life steal 8 (great for lvling)
Grand Silver web Charm of Renewal lvl 90 - Focus 48, Nat touch 5, Nat breath 5
Cromraks bloodthorn charm lvl 140 - Poison damage 100, dex 50, health 250, movement attack evasion 150
Granacks Stonebark Set lvl 190 ( a mix of heath focus and vita ) great for Warrior or Casters
Majsetic Necral Ring of Skulls lvl 185, ROGUE - strength 70, dex 70, cunning 700
Imp Nedcral Band of Sneaky Attack - ROGUE - 25% decrease cast time of sneaky, health 400, energy 400
Runic Brace of Valour lvl200 - 35 points per tick on heath and energy, cold dmg 80, strength 100
Trainblazers band of the Falcon lvl 190 - health 30/energy 20 tic, 100 point increase of all attributes, heat damage 100, heath 500
Ring of Haste lvl 100, strenth 30, health 30
Necro Royal Ring of Argue - dex 80, vita 80, fire magic 800,
Imperial Abyssal Armlet of Ice Blast lvl 190 - iceblast 875 + 9, ice magic 450
Imperial Emberdrake Ring of Blazes lvl 190 - fire magic 500, energy 400, Spell attack evasion 400, wounding attack evasion 400, weakening attack evasion 400
Minor Dragon ring of freeze lvl 100 - freeze 6
Minor dragon ring of Nat Breath lvl 100, Nat breat 6
GOLDEN SHRINK CHARM - shink to 45%
Skain Spiritseed set lvl 200 - good for all class (mix of health dex, focus, Energy )
Talisman of the Earth lvl 100, heath and energy tic 30, heath and energy 150
Godly Charm of Frostnight lvl 180 (old school) Cold damage 50, resist cold 500, phusical attack evasion 500
Icecrystal Pendant of the Storm Eye lvl 100 - energy 50, ice barrier shield 500, focus 100,
Mighty Silverweb charm of renewal lvl 110 - focus 110, nature touch 6, natures breath 6
Imperial Emberdrak bracelot of blizzards lvl 180 - iceshards 360, iceblast 378, vitea 100
Runic Ring of Vitrute lvl 200 - boots attack speed 30% matic damage 50, attack 400
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Re: Sinful Sale

How much is that wings 85% and what Stat does white ones has, as you mentioned.

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Re: Sinful Sale

I'm interested in your Mighty frostiron of thawing, Icecrystal Pendant of the Storm Eye, and anything else you have that would be useful for a 110-130 mage.
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