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How Multicultural is Gwydion?

So I do know that Celtic Heroes is accessible world wide provided with decent wifi, But I was just curious .... Where is everyone playing from?!?
All I want to know is what country you all are at, no further detail needed unless you know ... you wanted to ... "Say Hello".
So I made a straw poll at http://strawpoll.me/5380729
If you dont trust me sending links. Try type in google straw poll and make your own one first then see nothing is fishy about it :D
If I didn't mention your country just say bellow
World - Gwydion
Clan - Solitaire

Rogue - Lvl 200+
Ranger - Lvl 125+
Rogue - 120+
Druid - Lvl 90
Mage - Lvl 60
Warrior - Lvl 60

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