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Rise up and play again

This post is about support, no bad mouthing if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all:

Arj come back an play the game again, I will happily group with you and fight for lock on any boss or mob.
Would be good to see you back in the game giving it what you can, like I know you have done in the past.

And of course to have fun doing it :)
Would ask anyone else who can to post here and ask the same, even if different clans if not group but for the fun competition of the game, this is a game we play to enjoy.

No more childish bs

Re: Rise up and play again

Gwydion, among the most of the servers are generally one of the nicest servers there are in terms of players attitudes and sense of competition. Like it's said above, it's fun to compete against each other, clan wise, and for the most part, besides lock battles xD, everybody likes everybody on the server and we all help each other out. Some severs are always at each other's necks and don't even associate with other clans. Where In gwydion we generally wait in line for each other in arena for dailies, help offgroup on bosses/lvling, or just be friendly and being in association with each other.

Just because one person is bothering you, are you really going to let them ruin the game you have spent so much time on and formed so many relationships with other REAL people? To goto an extent of trying to start issues on a server that is generally peaceful is pretty self centered and a bit far just for the feeling of your frustration.

For everyone that recieves any sort of hate including anywhere from just some randy whispering to you hate full things, all the way to someone creating something for people to express their "hate" towards you, just block them and stick to the people that you have relation ships with and your clan. They all except you and you know that.

Don't let the little freezer burn on your icecream ruin your dessert. :)
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