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Guess it's time

I want to make this short and sweet so ill do my best to shorten this up. I have spent the last two and a half years playing this game and honestly it is the only game that I kept coming back even when I took long breaks because of one major factor. Social Interaction. This was by far the most fun I have had on any game on any platform. I used to love logging in every morning to slay whatever boss was up and coming up with strategy to kill it. It rocked. Though I kept on making bad decisions. From selling things for extremely low prices to putting my username a password the same which led me to being scammed twice :lol: although I learned my lesson there haha. The best time on the game for me was in update 3 and the only major boss to kill was aggragoth. Best moment for me was when I was accepted into Solitaire for the first time. The joy I had in that clan was phenomenal. Best times of my life (I was like 13 or 14 at the time and gaming was my life hehe). Though as I aged and as the game got bigger I would find myself clan hopping a lot, although I never really had a reason why I just kind of left. Which was my biggest regret in this game. I betrayed lots of my friends and made more enemies. That leads me to the present state that I am in. For a good portion of the day I was debating with myself whether to call it quits or toughen it up like I always have, and well frankly today my mind felt like it was time to say goodbye for now. I might come back to chat with friends and catch up on the new update or if I am welcomed, join a nice and true clan. Before I go I want to thank some people who made this game the most fun for me (in no particular order):

Laverne/Indira: For being one of the first people to accept me for who I am, and probably being the best clan leader I have had the honour of playing with.
Toadertaboss: Well you're my cousin and I got you into the game because I was lonely on it lol.
Tabatha/Abigail: One of the nicest people I have ever met on the game :).
PupperMaster: Thanks for always taking me into your clan when I was a noob and for all the good times on xbox haha (which we still do sometimes).
AtlasPrime: The friendliest human being on the planet right here, if you have not met him (although you probably have) say hello to him.
Truth: For being the most truthful person on the planet...And thats the TRUTH! ;)
Legendzz: Probably the most chill person ever.
Justjamie: For being the one person that I can talk to about the good ol' days hehe. And just having random chats :).
Zaraki/Sephiroth: My best friend I have ever met on this game, and for all of the hour long calls on kakao lmao.
12ayne: My first training partner from the start of update 3 before you got real good haha.
Lleu (do not know if I spelt his name correctly): For accepting me into the very first clan I joined, bloodbarons, which made me a very happy camper :)
Gizmokiller54: One the most loyal and friendliest person to talk to.

The list could go on forever but I wanted to make it short as I said. As for everyone else I hope that you guys keep partying, enjoy life and maybe one day our paths will cross again :D . Take care for now and ill see you all in the future in like update 10 or something cool ;)
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Re: Guess it's time

Cya on Xbox brad :p we gotta play some more dead island haha, too scared to play it alone! Still haven't progressed as it gets to creepy at points :? But I do hope to see you again around another time, but in the meantime, help me finish dead island.... :lol: you will be missed bud
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