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GIVE AWAY *Last Time you will see me*

Hey guys I don't play anymore so ima give out stuff
Deleted on phone but not ipad after the ipad u know theres no turning back!!!
So how this is gona work is that ill take 1 comment containing your number and a memory we shared(If not make it up) per person (out of 1-1000) No same numbers, Closest to my random number wins: Will be announced Next Friday 14th March.
*Don't forget I got scammed*
Warding Flute Halloween
Revenant Brac of Energy (10ticks)
Golden Shrink Charm
Onyx Quickblade
Dark Blue Suit
Book of alteration
25 rezs/ 25 res pots
4 Travelling pots
5 haste elixirs
Blue Smuggler coat/Gloves/Boots
Red Smuggler coat
Shining Green Diadem Hat
7 Cane of bats
Leaf Faerie Charm/White dress Gloves/Boots
Sleighmaster's Hat

Re: GIVE AWAY *Last Time you will see me*

hey flame
... we had some short but funny time in a group with my druid Xyphia.
I healed you while we walked through Fingals Cave at the pirates remember?
And with my rogue Vermina we fought some bosses ... kicked Stonefang`s hairy butt and stuff :P
Who scammed you? Another clannie who`s leaving us :(
My number is 713 ...
Vermina- rogue level 86
Xyphia- druid level 58

THEM ... awesomest clan in history of awesomeness

Re: GIVE AWAY *Last Time you will see me*

I like luck and games that uses luck, so...here goes:

Flame, i remember the time we killed those unicorns together and you quoted Harry Potter about the unicorns blood. Oh it was a magical evening in Stonevale. Soo many memmories...sadly it all ended that one day: I saw a very suspicious lvl 8 near the mailbox at farcrag castle and I just passed on by without looking twice :(
I regret ignoring this shadowy figure to this day! If only i knew that she be the evil that incited your downfall, i would have surely slit her throat! At that moment, i felt like the Spiderman who ignored the gunman who later shot Uncle Ben: full of remorse...full of sorrow. In all seriousness, i feel very sorry for your condition. However, a simple scam doesnt mean an end to the fun that is this game. Ive known several to recover and prosper from a devious scam scheme; you can be one too!

For the sake of the lucky draw: 216

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