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Re: GIVE AWAY *Last Time you will see me*

Quercos wrote:Firstly, I don't want your stuff!

Secondly, I find the concept of a give away fun and endearing but in my experience attached to regret as almost everyone I know who has "quit" the game...has come back. So perhaps you are going for the "phoenix rising" thing? We play because we are addicts and because it is a place to spend time with friends. when you come back (and you know you will) you will want some gear rather than spending 3 weeks shopping for gear cast offs from your mates.

Surprised no player has suggested the most important number: 3.14159265359
Now I have posted it and since I don't want your loot, if I did guess correctly I ask that you keep it all for yourself, take a few months off and get back in the saddle after the pain of your scamming incident has subsided.
Another good number (outside your parameters) is 4.46×102 which is the Swarzchild's radius of the observable universe (which would be an amazing size for a black hole)...I digress...

My memory: I did not kick you out of Clan them. Very few ppl who are not in Clan them can say that :lol:

Thx mate but no chance playing again I got to focus irl
But gl with ur number 3.14159265359 hope u win :lol:
Thx all gave me a chuckle and a great flashback of wasting my life you juuuuuuuu guys :P
Reading it though some people didn't enter a memory so SUM BOOOTY CAUNT RIED (und right)
Gl all who participate hope it will come into great use :D
14th March Friday will be announced. Cant wait to see dat ugly face and say my last goodbye *cries in a corner*

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