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Celtic Heroes Giveaway! (Grand Prize - 150k)

Now that I have quit FOREVA, I decided I would give away all my stuff. Here's what I'm giving away:
1st - 150k
2nd - Black Spirit Charm
3rd - 334 Rez Idols
4th - Spirit Charm and Lute
5th - Lesser/Grand Sunfire Ring of Energy and a Minor Charm of the Flames
6th - A Few Elixirs (5 Super Knowledges, 12 Heroic Energisation, 3 Heroic Haste, and 3 Heroic Wisdom) (left overs :P)
7th - Spiritcaller’s Bracelet of Staves
8th - Weapon Pack (Stave of Storms, Grand Cane of Bats, Majestic Witch’s Pitchfork, and a Grand Battleskewer)
9th - Bear Helm Pack (Mystic/Grand Savage Maw)

Deadline - Jan 17

Check out this video for all the details on how to win:
Check out my channel:

I'm probably never coming on ever again. I might be on the forums once in a while but other than that I won't be on anymore. Gunna miss all you guys :(
Oh yeah... Enjoy the giveaway :D
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