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Petition Energy Cost Reduction

For a while now Druids have been complaining about the energy issues they have, i assume this also goes for the mages. Rumor has it OTM has nearly forgotten about druids due to the fact that all the other classes got a lot more work done. As a Druid in Morrigan i collected data based on what some skills people have had issues with even with a large amount out energy sigils (800-1.5k).
The fallowing are some ideas/requests that may be good for the upcoming update:

Source: Leisa Avalon Mage
50/40 Ice Shards 554 energy 5810 Damage
50/40 Energy Shield 1407 energy 1841 Shield Endurance
49/40 Ice Blast 754 energy 6488 Damage
Ice Skills for Mages have dramatic issues involving with the amount of energy usage for example ice shards should be a little less than that considering the damage and the cooldown, this brings up to the issue with ice blast and ice shards cooldown. The cooldown for ice damage skills is a joke... if the mob/boss you're up against manages to avoid being hit by ice shards or ice blast your skills would have to wait for them to recharge. On the other hand if you were to be a firemage the boss would die a lot faster considering the quick recharge time for both firestorm and firebolt. Request: Ice Blast be Reduced by 100-120 energy and Energy Shield be Reduced to at least half, also change the ice damage cooldown times by atleast 10%.

Source: Ceinwen Avalon Druid
50/40 Nature's Breathe 967 energy 926 Heal
First of all what kind of a skill costs more than its affect this is just pitiful. Nature's breathe is basically a Max Support Druid's energy eating skill. Request: Reduce Energy Cost by Half

Source: SeeBass ZombieArmy Druid
44/35 Abundent Aura 700 energy 564 Health Expansion for group
The energy cost for this skill is insane it's even worse than Nature's Breathe. This isn't even maxed to 50/40 the energy is more than half of the skill benefit. Atleast, Nature's Breathe has the descensy to be near the energy cost. Request: This skills is to be Reduced by 60% if the affect of health expansion to be the same.

Source: GodOZilla ZombieArmy Rogue
48/40 ShadowStrike
Shadow Strike has no issues with energy however i have gotten som complains over how poison weapon has no effect on the skill. Shadowstrike is suppose to be venom damage yet, poison weapon has no change over it that makes no sence whatsoever. Request: Change the Effects on poison weapon to Shadowstrike

Source: MolonLabe ZombieArmy Mage
50/40 Firestorm 657 energy 4222 Damage
This skill is 100 more energy cost then ice shards and it's fire damage. Although the Cooldown is Shorter the energy cost is high, I understand this is a multi target skill however the energy is a little big over what the skill is worth. Request: Firestorm is to be Reduced by 50 energy or the damage be increased by atleast 1k due to ice shards being over 1k more damage.

Source: Eliminater Avalon Ranger
Eliminater told me there was an issue with the skill grasping roots i originally asked him if there was a problem with LongShot but the skill is perfectly balanced. So the issue with Grasping Roots is that the the duration is not worth the energy or the cooldown cost. Druids use grasping roots to use their energy sigils because, they are drastically nerfed without it druids would lose energy twice as faster than they already do. Request: in conclusion Grasping Root's cooldown time needs to be reduced by 3-5 seconds due to the duration ending 2 seconds after it the skill is cooldowning which gives the mobs a chance to strike the druid, interupting them over and over again.

Source: Sidi Avalon
49/40 Stinging Swarm 960 energy 1003 Damage
This skill is personally very useful due to it being an iresistable skill damage however 1k damage per tick over 20 seconds the energy is crazy. Support Druids have issues with Nature's Breathe and Dps Druids have issues with Stingingswarm. This is basically a Dps Druid's Energy eater. Why does Druid always have to have one catch into what setup they use personally my stinging swarm is 47/35 the energy was 822 and 702 damage. Request: the issue here is the energy it is mandatory that it should be cut by half the energy is slightly higher than the damage depending on what gear you wear and not everyone can have super helpful gear.

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