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Re: Kril-Mart - "Spring Cleaning" Edition

Updated List!

    Arachnus Ring of Power (lev 150, +25 Health Regen, +100 Str, +200 Attack) - 550k (750k in shop)
    Arachnus Ring of Evasion (lev 100, +20 Energy Regen, +400 Energy, +200 all evasions) - 350k (500k in shop)

    Green Shimmering Ostara Wig
    Sparkling Blond Glenmore Wig

Lowered prices on:
    Fiery Axe of Conquest (lev 150, 300 Heat Dmg, 150 Str, 250 Attack, 250 heat Resist) - 325k (475k in shop)
    Ring of Haste (lev 100, +30% Haste, 30 Str, 100 Health) - 240k (350k in shop)
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