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Second Ever Nicest Player in Gwydion Contest

Yep, bout that time again babies :) The second ever nicest player in Gwydion contest, and I intend for this one to be better than the last!

The rules are simple:
- Every player gets to vote for one other player that exemplifies the attitude of goodwill towards other players and general niceness, i.e. your choice of who the nicest player in Gwydion is
1. You cannot vote for yourself, if you do, I will disqualify you because obviously thats not nice?
2. Only one vote per person
3. Can't vote for me or any contest contributors (haven't gotten together a list of those people yet, just exclude me for now)
4. Votes must be sent to me via in game mail or they will not be counted.
5. Seriously, in game mail, send to Sloan.
6. Winner will be announced next Sunday

These will increase but for now...
Grand prize(right now) 100k and bragging rights :-P

Second place 3 super knows and 3 heroic energy

Third prize 20 rez

- this time, tie breakers will be taken, no splitting money.

So cast your votes today!! :)

Be sure to tell your friends, you'll be more likely to get a vote ;)

** votes are CONFIDENTIAL, I really recommend you all to vote for who you really want to vote for and not just in clan!! ***
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