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Re: When Is Double Platinum?

There was one earlier in the year instead of for CH’s birthday event, and that may or may not be why they decided to not do another one during that time this year.

Most likely the next double platinum event will be at the end of November, the weekend of Thanksgiving/Black Friday for Americans. Events are usually announced only a few days ahead of time, and double plat events usually last just the weekend (at least the November one).
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Re: When Is Double Platinum?

culprit wrote:I think we earned double plat... for them taking their sweet time with updates and bugs. And dbl plat makes them money... why would they not want to do it

Perhaps that’s why we got an additional set of events that included a double platinum weekend earlier in the year; they may have foreseen their resources being stretched thin on other projects and, rather than make us miss the goodies, they moved it up.

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