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Selling Thread

Selling a bunch of items:
- Gara Stormleaf Set
- Reaper Ring
- Golden Camo Charm
- Godly Aggy rings
- Godly Talon Bracelet
- Royal Hrung Bracelet

- Black Yule Hat
- I have all kinds of fashion, the list is too long. pm for info

- 90% Black Horse
- 70% Halloween Broom

- 211 Rogue
- 202 Mage
- 220 ranger
- Theres a ton of lixes, restos and res idols and all kinds of cool stuff on the characters so holla if ur interested.

Send a mail in game to xJawz or you can message me on sc or ig for a faster response. Ill message u those in game if ur interested.

Jawz || Lan || Spark

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