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Relentless Recruiting

Relentless is Recruiting: All Classes

We are looking for fun people that do not have a reputation of scamming to join our ranks. Relentless is an end game clan on the server and our level requirement is 200. We routinely kill all EDL bosses, compete for older raid bosses (Mordris, Necromancer, Legacies lvl 200+), compete for Proteus and Gelebron, and have killed Bloodthorn 30+ times and typically kill on the day of spawn.

We do use a DKP based system of awarding drops from raids and leaders vote based off of activity and contribution for Doch Upgrades, EDL weapons, Divine ring upgrades, and CG offhand upgrades.

PM me here or mail me in game (sweefish) if interested. Include your in game toon name, lvl of the toon, and class of the toon. Include what armor and weapon upgrades you have. Each applicant is voted on by all clan members via a 48 hour anonymous poll.
World - Gwydion
Clan - Relentless "best clan in all celtic heroes "
Players -
Sweefish - lvl 220+ Druid
Ethain - lvl 220+ Ranger
Sweerogue - lvl 220+ Rogue (Clan Guardian)
Dominate - lvl 170+ Mage

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