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Newbie has a quastions :)

Hello all. Im new, totaly new in this game. I was reading a forum little to see the "best" end game server and I saw its this one ? Can any1 comfirm that? I enjoy lvling and end game contest. I am big fan of mmorpgs so I really want to know is this good and populated server ? And since im a newbie here is there any1 who can give me his ingame name so I can pm him if I need some help? Tenq for answers and see you inside :)

Re: Newbie has a quastions :)

Welcome, I suggest reading the guide on Gwydion, and guides on classes to become more knowledgable of this server and your class.

Gwydion is pretty populated, but be careful how you approach this server, people become ostracized from clans if they're scammers/beggars/drama llamas/thieves/clan jumpers/dicks.

Keep a good attitude, level, and you'll do good here.
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