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Re: Prices

If I sell these this is what I ask:

Heroic combos 12-16k, super 8k
Heroic Knows 6-8k, super 4k
Heroic haste 3k unless someone is offering to pay more. (most ppl sell for more)
All other heroic elixirs 1k each
All other super elixirs I don't feel are worth selling but obviously a few hundred gold for those.
Rebirth books 15k
Alt books 10k at most
Resto potions 200g
Res idols 100g

These are what I charge and what I believe to be fair and reasonable prices.

Others may disagree but have chosen to ignore this question so I am right and I also win. (This is a joke, something that is also fair and reasonable in my opinion but still others may disagree.)
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