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Re: Least powerful server?

After reading alot on forum feels like it, main issue is no competition = no power, but still there are gearing requirements of eg boss in this server.

And most casual player join this server to relax, you can say least powerful but great for causal who want to start.
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Re: Least powerful server?

I'd have to say Herne is probably one of the servers struggling the most. I havent been their in ages tho so a local would have to confirm. When it comes to eponas strength it's hard to judge. Most servers judge str by a specific clan whereas we r a United server and thus rate str by rating the server as a whole. Also we killed bt first
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Re: Least powerful server?

OathBreaker wrote:Anyone know of any servers that struggle for numbers at eg bosses? Little to no rich players or clans? Cheers for any answeres.

Lir, Rhiannon and Balor haven't killed Bt yet so some of them might be struggling
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