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Xfer from Lugh to Epona

Heyas, finally going to be an Eponian :p would be interested in xferring the following stuff
- Gold (about 200k)
- 80% dragon staff
- Heroic rejuv
- Low lvl aggy stuff (Ranger items)
- Fashion parts and fashion sets (more valuable fashion would like the same in Epona)
I'd be willing to take gold for some fashion parts & maybe the dragon staff, will be selling chests on x2 plat aswell

If you see me in game say hello to a nub :)
World: Lugh
Clan: Pegasus
Rob155: 225 Warrior
Robsranger: 225 Ranger
Robtherogue: 190 Locker

World: Epona
Guapoo: Aspiring nub ranger

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