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From Taranis.

Hi guys! A little introduction of myself, I am Ed Sheeran. Im a singer/songwriter, lol just kidding. I do sing and play guitar tho. I have 3 accounts on Taranis, 220 mage, 195 druid, 190 ranger! This looks like a fun open market server that Ive been looking for! Ive been playing on the server for about 3-4 days now, and I decided to start my first ever warrior! Im super hyped and look forward to killing adds on the front lines! Iv got a few questions for yall! Hope yall can help me out! And thanks for having such a friendly server!

Do you guys use any offgame chatting apps like LINE, wechat, discord etc?

Also. I cant find anyone selling a cheapiish mount or wisdom lix! Are these things just rare? In taranis we have so many !

Anyway what a great server

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