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Hello Epona

I have been plying this game for a little over 3 weeks, I created a Druid over on Fingal and got him to 60 but when cross platform opened I though I would try Epona out and make another Druid. I have to say this server is pretty amazing, people are helpful and one person even bough my new ranger a bow from the vendor and offed to buy me more (I declined). Anyway just wanted to say you have a great server and I'll be staying here :) (Druids name is Ilshenar)

Re: Hello Epona

Welcome to the server :)
Not many epona players use forums anymore, so I'd recommend joining our wechat groups. Pm me for more info!
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Re: Hello Epona

Hey Welcome

I am the representative of Epona as voted on by the whole community so feel free to ask me any questions you may have (Clans, Prices, or any other help).

I am here to serve the people.


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