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Re: I feel generous... Who wants to win 10M Grand Prize! The Hardest Scavenger hunt in Epona History!

For anyone who thinks they will win one of his prizes they wont firstly he doesn't have half the stuff he says and the gold he says he has I really don't understand the point of him doing this. If you don't believe me ask him in game to show you his stuff he will not
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Re: I feel generous... Who wants to win 10M Grand Prize! The Hardest Scavenger hunt in Epona History!

Allpashion wrote:This is for Coffin Family and other non Coffin family Epona players as well. Minimum level 100 required. You may only try once, no alts allowed but players can team to beat these unbeatable tasks!

As you all know, I have before on the forums hosted a scavenger hunt for incredible prizes... The turn out was spectacular! Well, we are back at it.

This one will be the hardest yet! With prizes ranging from...
10 Million Gold Grand Prize
Reaper Ring x(1) Grand Prize
White Spooky Hunter set!
Red Spooky Hunter set!
Darkflame Chest
Darkfell Pict Charm
Skur Krethan Firbolg Charm
Golden Growth Charm x(10)
Golden Shrink Charm x(15)
100 Haste x(10)
90% Horse
80% various mounts x(50)
50K x(100)

This is sort of... a help to the iOS Epona server before we are warred by the savage android users. Yet because these prizes are so vast and so many idle in game I shall make it difficult and multi-platform.

I can not explain enough that this is to help the server not cause problems, If you have personal reasons inwhich you can not participate do not. All over lv 100 have an equal chance at the Grand Prizes. If you can not make it to the area- buy it, trade for it, beg for it, be creative to make the goal!

The first goal is to figure out whats needed for part 1. Good Luck.
Please do not ask, most should know to take me seriously and understand I have every item on this list plus more. This is hard but obtainable.\



boymclir wrote:Plz add autoplay!

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