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My (almost) entire inventory

Not everything is for sale, but if you have a good offer I will probably negotiate. I am Lucas Ranger/ Lucas Bank
Fashion-Wild Connacht armament charm, snowman head, blazing Connacht armament charm, bloodlust red dark rider hat, blue Phrygian cap, blue sunlit pants, blue yulebringers festive hat, boggan revered priest charm, boggan Royal sentinel charm, dawn adveturers diadem of ice x2, dawn revellers diadem of ice, green charm of the cabal, green Phrygian cap, green sunlit shirt pants and gloves, green witch mask, green yulebringers hat x2, orange eagle crest x2, orange nithsteed guise, orange Phrygian cap x2, orange top hat, orange trappers cap, pink eagle crest, pink huntsmans mask, pink Phrygian cap x3, pink trappers cap x2, purple sacred watch tunic, red dark rider gloves, red eagle crest x2, red glenmor gloves, red highlander gloves, red huntsmans mask, red nature mask, red Phoenix crest, red Phrygian cap x55, red sages visage of joy, red trappers cap x3, red wyldwood boots, red yulebringers hat, scintillating yellow highlander hat, turquoise highlander boots, turquoise nature mask, turquoise party crown, turquoise Phrygian cap, turquoise wayfarers headdress, white Phoenix crest, full white rodair, winter scholars diadem of ice, yellow Phrygian cap, yellow trappers cap, Yule adventurers diadem of ice, Yule courtiers diadem of ice, Yule magisters diadem of ice, Yule revellers diadem of ice, spooky spectral charm. And snowman head ;)
Weapons- Airy flute of awakening, base phantom blade, Beltane harp, blue winter stave, bolt thrower, bow of the exile, bright horn of awakening, brilliant drum, defenders pavaise, elegant sceptre of witches, faerie bow of storms (18 uses left), falchion of frost, frosty warhorn, glistening lesser banshee blade, glistening minor ban. blade, glowing brand x3, greater witches pitchfork, green winterstave, grimling's mallet, imperial ban. Blade, lesser battleskewer x4, mystic ban. blade, mighty ban. blade, minor battleskewer x2, minor reaper, minor shillelagh of brath, mystic ban. blade, mystic battleskewer, mystic shillelagh of brath, pink candycane, punisher, red winterstave, Samhain harp, scorching brand x2, shrouded harp of spiders, stave of bolts x3, stave of storms, tarnished phantom blade x4, thunderclap cleaver, totem of the winter King, trackers bow x2, verdant lute, vibrant lute of the awakening, wand of energy, wand of the exile, yulestave.
Armor- Fanged Mask of Darkness, greater earth stone helm, lesser solstice boots and gloves, veterans yellow mask, full lesser midsummer(without chest piece)
Jewelry- Antique ring of hammers, glass ring of warcry, grand ring of bless, Krons frost root ring, lesser armlet of strength, lesser bracelet of ice, mighty alchemic ring of sanctuary, mystic stormfist ring, mystic sure shot strand, Royal froststone ring, Sunset ring, superior coldsteel ring
Consumables- Blue balloon x2, fluffy snowball, heroic lix of defense x3, heroic lix of traveling, invis potion x2, lesser pumpkin bomb x10, minor ice crystal x2, restos x20, shrink potion, well packed snowball
Other- Almanac of seraffa 4+5, codex of krest, crown disc x2, 2013 gloomgaze crystal of command, 2013 green anniv. present, Halloween token x13, journal of grok 3+5, journal of zalza 1, lexicon of melisant 2, manuscript of creginus 1+4, manuscript of sveltina 2, moon disc x5, oak disc x2, orange pumpkin, shards of Cronus and gastor (throwback lol), sun disc x2, 2013 Yuletide red present
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