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I took a pause from the game a few months ago, after all my stuff got stolen from me.
But now i decided to try and play a little bit this summer, but when i did, my account which the stuff was stolen from,
was also no longer mine.
And even know i still have access to WinterSolstic and WinterLords, with dragon lord armor and meteoric weapons only, i can't do anything.

So i decided to quit.

I want to thank every single ine of you (execpt the *** who took everything from me, whoever you are)
For making my CH experience what it is. All the clans i was in, all the peopole i annoyed withiut even trying to, all the laughs i had, and much more, i could go on for a long time.

Goodbye :D

I would say subscribe to my youtube channel to be a d1ckhead but my email address got hacked, deleting all my mails, my youtube channel and changing my name to perfect thunderstorm fracture and changing my image to a burrito.
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Re: Goodbye

Aww, bye winter :( was great knowing you.
Oh, I mean, woof bark woof woof bark meow
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Re: Goodbye

What is happening on Epona. Please everyone change your account password and never give it out.

Don't know what to do about loaning things. I never do it but I get why people do it. Only loan what you can bear to lose maybe. And learn to say "no" even if you offend a clannie.

God I sound like a teacher or something. Sorry.
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