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Re: Current State of Epona

Asterix_the_gaul wrote:The issue with giving alts a roll along with a person's mains is that this leads to one clan killing raid bosses without any of the others just because a few people can log 3-4 toons.
We have had this before and everyone else was outraged. Is the solution now to sink to that level.
Many alts does, has before and will again remove the largest clans need to cooperate and will leave all others excluded.

How is this even a valid argument? Everyone says you can already do this, and clans can call other clans only if they want to, but have the freedom to solo kill and take all the drops (assuming no one else happens to show up before the boss starts).
Asterix_the_gaul wrote:Just like on most other servers...you know the ones you all left because you didn't like but now want to change Epona to be more like them.

Another invalid point. Letting alts roll/get gear with mains would actually be unique compared to other servers. I cannot think of a single server that let's alts get geared same as mains.

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Re: Current State of Epona

This is what I'm basing it off, from another thread:

Swan wrote: In Epona, if Clan A and Clan B are at Hrungnir, members in both clans who are present at pull (pull = initiated boss fight) can roll on the drop. However if only Clan B is there, they are likely to start the boss right away and not call Clan A.

When I first found out about clan kills, I thought it would break down the Epona culture of cooperation. It doesn't though--if you want loot from a boss, time it, camp it, and if you're there at pull, then you get a roll. Even if it's 50 Clan B at Hrung and you're the only Clan A, as long as you're on time, you'll get a roll too. There's no rolling discrimination on the basis of your clan.

For example, you're entitled to a roll at Mord if you're present at pull. But you're not entitled to be called upon to Mord if you're ability lixing in SV. Your clannies and friends will call you, but strangers may not. It may seem like a slight difference, but the outcome is, it's still in a person's/clan's best interest to get stronger and be active, and at the same time there is no open hostility between clans (lock battles, lix griefing, add dragging, etc)."

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Re: Current State of Epona

I feel like this alt thing rolling gets thrown out as an extreme example of someone's bringing 5 toons and getting five rolls. I'm not sure about other servers but on ours if someone has more than one toon that contributes to a kill, they are eligible for one drop for the class of their choice. We have numerous players that have multiple lvl 220+ toons.

It's not uncommon for us to need them to bring more than one toon whether it be another tank tor spirits or a ranger for proteus in addition to their 'main.'. It wouldn't be fair to ask our tank to also bring their ranger if we also said you can only have warrior gear and not ranger gear when the kill wouldn't be possible without those two toons.
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Re: Current State of Epona

Interesting thread...

I have yet to witness an issue at a roll off on Epona.

I like how things are working.

I have been on world's with dominate clans.

On purpose, never joined Seed on Crom, so the outside view. Very stressed out players for outside of Seed, totally frustration in some cases. Frustrated on getting in, and more so when not able to achieve that goal.

On Arawn, in dominate clan, but few know me there. Kinda hidden in plain sight. So inside view.
Very points driven, to get drops, based on presence at kills. Very time consuming.
I found myself spending as much time in the online points system as i did trying to level the toons.

On Epona, world cooperates, clans, cooperate. My friend list cover most of the clans.
All benefit. Many are full edl and beyond. Roll offs are actually fun, no tension, some friendly jabs, at most.
Very nice world. I have spend a lot of money with otm, playing my different world views.

But have had a great time.

Will be on Epona now, mostly.

Those that read this, now know some of the reasons, I maneuvered and made some of the choices, that I did.
No offense was ever intended.

I have kind of a lifetime rule.

I always try to be a nice guy, really do. But...

Don't always succeed, however. My apologies to those I offended.


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