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Re: Class roll for crowns?

Huge yes from me, the price of crowns is becoming outrageous (1-1.5 mil for a p crown? Really?). Other crowns are cheaper, but still a huge expense for non plat buyers (180 has become too commercialised imo :?) We'd have a lot more dl weapons this way, too, so maybe we could get gele done easier?
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Re: Class roll for crowns?

Xylaphone wrote:The crowns will always end up at the right class anyway .. And so many people have 170+ alts! Imagine remembering all the colours called.. No thnks haha

You guys would needed a stupid list for that.. And what happens to 160-170 bosses then?
At the end i don't care about these bosses cause i am very rarely there, but its a bad idea to change to class roll
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Re: Class roll for crowns?

This is to friddo, if people stop camping then the people who actually need crowns will get them. And to dyna and crusher, i like to hear everyones opinion not just us in soecific, because some may want to come and join our server so i think we should have their feedback as well.
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Re: Class roll for crowns?

I guess I'm kind of lost how yall do crowns then. The way we've always done it is there is a list as to who is getting their weapon next. All crowns go to the clan bank and when there are enough crowns to make that weapon then all 4 crowns are given. If more than 1 clan is present then it goes to clan vs clan rolls unless there is only one of that class present and they need the crown for their weapon. Those that have their weapons haven't stopped coming to snorri and it keeps it so that everyone is working to gear each other.

Selling crowns seems silly. And if I was a druid needing crowns it seems weird a rogue could roll on that green crown. I'm not on this server but I suppose if that system works for yall, to each his own then.
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Re: Class roll for crowns?

Armo wrote:Seems silly to me to roll for something you don't need.

I think when dumb luck is the primary factor in determining who gets what, why cant you roll for other class' crowns?

If everyone has a 100% attendance then perhaps rolling for your own class crowns makes sense. After all, it means everyone has 100% chance to win an item they need. But we all know that's not the case.

But say you can only attend 50% of all Snorri kills, and the crowns you need usually drop whenever you aren't present, then that's unfair to you and the time/effort you put in. You'd have reduced chances to win anything you need. You should be able to win any drop, perhaps not to sell, but to trade with others.

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Re: Class roll for crowns?

@Aileron, not really a reasonable assumption to say that the crowns drop at the fights they happen to miss.

It's all luck, and the process is just being extended by people rolling for their own profits. Considering this is a server that does bosses together (and eventually Gelebron unless you guys killed already), you'd expect people to be more understanding and let people get the crowns they need.

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