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Spectral Shop

Welcome to my ''shop''!

If you'r intressted in buying anything mail me ingame, Spectral.

Most of the items have a price, but the ones without means that you have to offer in mail.

Featured Items For Sale

Ruby Amulet of the Pyre (75 heat dmg, +100 Melee Combbat, +50 attack) 350k
Legendary Relic Dragonstaff (80/30, second rarest) 450k
Royal Silverweb Helm of the Frostspinner 200k
Shadow Skulll of Spring of Life Offer
Shadow Skull of Energy Harvest Offer

Weapons & Armor

Offhand weapons

    Minor Battleskewer (+5 damage)
    Lesser Battleskewer (+10 damage)
    Mystic Battleskewer (+20 damage)
    Greater Battlesekewer (+35 damage)
    Glowing Brand (+5 damage)
Main Hand Weapons

    Master Underseer's Staff
    Dark Trident of Zeal
    Askold Dagger
    Grimlings Dagger

    Mighty Silverweb Helm of the Firespinner
    Royal Helm of Athach's Cunning

Luxery Items

Royal Rings are 15K unless otherwise listed

    Royal Ring of Bless
    Royal Ring of Ripsote
    Royal Ring of Ice attunement
    Royal Ring of Ice Blast
    Royal Ring of Medicine 10k
    Royal Ring of Shatter

Grand Rings are 5K unless otherwise listed

    Grand Ring of Archery
    Grand Ring of Expose Weakness
    Grand Ring of Poison Weapon
    Grand Ring of Bless
    Grand Ring of Energy Harvest
    Grand Ring of Fire Attunement
    Grand Ring of Ice Blast
    Grand Ring of Cloack of Fire
    Grand Ring of Energy Well
    Grand Ring of Shatter
    Grand Ring of Rupture
    Grand Ring of Axes
    Grand Ring of Sweeping Blow
    Grand Ring of Bandage Wounds
Greater Rings are 4k otherwise listed

    Greater Ring of Longshot
    Greater Ring of Sharp Shot
    Greater Ring of Skewer
    Greater Ring of Shadowstrike
    Greater Ring of Expose Weakness
    Greater Ring of Life Steal
    Greater Ring of Steady Aim
    Greater Ring of Spring of Life
    Greater Ring of Rescue
    Greater Ring of Sanctuary
    Greater Ring of Howling Wind

Riftskull Bracelets

    Greater Riftskull Bracelet of Constitution (40 focus 40 vitality )
    Greater Riftskull Braclet of Guile (40 dexterity 40 Focus)
    Greater Riftskull Braceelet of Finesse (40 strength 40 dexterity)
    Greater Riftskull Bracelet of Force (40 strength 40 focus)
    Mystic Riftskull Bracelet of Toughness (30 dexterity 30 vitality)
    Minor Riftskull bracelet of Constitution (10 focus 10 vitality)

Alchemic Rings

    Imperial Alchemic Ring of Shatter (+9, lvl 190 rec)
    Majestic Alchemic Ring of Fire Attunement (+7, lvl 170 rec)
    Majestic Alchemic Ring of Sanctuary (+7, lvl 170 rec)
    Mighty Alchemic Ring of Life Steal (+6, lvl 160 rec)
    Mighty Alchemic Ring of Shield Wall (+6, lvl 160 rec)
    Mighty Alchemic Ring of Frostbite (+6, lvl 160 rec)

Event Rings

    Imperial Emberdrak Ring of Blazes (lvl 190 rec)
    Grand Frotiron Ring of the Wilds (lvl 130 rec)
    Grand Emberdrake Bracelet of Blazes (lvl 130 rec)
    Grand Emberdrake Ring of Blazes (lvl 130 rec) (+200 fire magic, 120 energy and some evasions)
    Grand Frostiron Ring of the Great Oak (lvl 120 rec) (+100 nature magic, +5 Shield of bark)
    Grand Frostiron Bracelet of Gales (lvl 120 rec) (+40 focus, +5 Howling wind)

Skills books are 4k unless otherwise listed


    Life Steal
    Expose Weakness


    Ward of giants
    Stining Swarm
    Ward of Soliders


    Energy Harvest
    Fire Attunement


    Explosive Arrow
    Double Shot


    Defensive Formation

Quest items

Alchemical armor items

    Grand Alchemical Vial (5k each)

Dragonlord armor items

    1 Purple gem
    1 Red Gem
    1 Red Urn
    1 Red Egg
    1 Red Idol
    1 Green horn
    1 Blue horn

Frozen armor items



    1 Yellow



    1 Red
    2 Purple
    3 Yellow


    3 Red
    1 Purple


    2 Yellow
    2 Red
    1 Purple
Metoric armor items

Just hook me up in game and say which ones you need.

Warden armor items

    Dragon Disc Fragment 10k
    Elm Disc Fragment 8k
    Crown Disc Fragment 6k
    Sun Disc Fragment 3k
    Oak Disc Fragment 2k
    Moon Disc Fragment 500g

Fashion & Charms



    Orange Party Hat 2012
    Orange Frostguard Hat
    Red Huntsman's Mask
    Green Wolf Mask
    Green Witch Mask
    Ensorcelled White Witch Mask
    Yulebringer's Hat


    Black Glenmor Wig
    Blond Glenmor Wig
    Blue Sanghal Wig
    Glistering Blue Sanghal Wig
    Green Sanghal Wig
    Cyan Glenmor Wig
    Dark Blond Glenmor Wig
    Dark Blond Ostara Wig
    Gold Glenmor Wig
    Green Glenmor Wig
    Light Brown Glenmor Wig
    Pink Glenmor Wig
    Pink Ostara Wig
    Shimmering Brown Ostara Wig
    Sparkling Light Borwn Glenmor Wig
    White Ostara Wig

    Sanghal Fashion

    Pink Sanghal Top
    Glistering Orange Sanghal Top
    Glistering Blue Sanghal Top
    Glistering Black Sanghal Top
    White Sanghal top
    Red Sanghal Pants
    Glistering Blue Sanghal Pants
    Red Sanghal Gloves
    Glistering Orange Sanghal Gloves
    Purple Sanghal Gloves
    Orange Sanghal Boots
    Glistering Orange Sanghal Boots
    Green Sanghal Boots
    Glistering Purple Sanghal Boots

    Wyldwood Fashion

    Blue Wyldwood Top
    Black Wyldwood Top
    Pink Wyldwood Pants
    Yellow Wyldwood Pants
    Red Wyldwood Leggings
    Pink Wyldwood Gloves
    Green Wyldwood Gloves
    Yellow Wyldwood Gloves
    Red Wyldwood Boots
    Orange Wyldwood Boots

    Glenmor Fashion

    Pink Glenmor Top
    Blue Glenmor Top
    Pink Glenmor Pants
    Pink Glenmor Gloves
    Red Glenmor Gloves
    Orange Glenmor Gloves
    Pink Glenmor Boots

    Ardmair Fashion

    Red Ardmair Woad
    Purple Ardmair Woad
    Pink Ardmair Pants
    Purple Ardmair Pants
    Red Ardmair Pants
    Yellow Ardmair Bracers
    Orange Ardmair Bracers
    Red Ardmair Boots
    Orange Ardmair Boots

    Spidersilk Fashion

    Frostguard Fashion

    Red Frostguard Top

    Hunter Fashion

    Sunlit Fashion

    Blue Sunlit Top
    Blue Sunlit Pants
    Blue Sunlit Vambraces
    Blue Sunlit Threads

    Full sets

    Yellow Sanghal Fash 50k
    Yellow Glenmor Fash 70k
    Purple Sanghal Fash 80k
    Black Sanghal Fash 220k

    Charms & pets

    Blue Enchanted Armor Charm 50k
    Black Wizard Charm 10k
    Semi-rare Crow 80k

    I got toons of more fashion and sets i'll write in later.
Event stuff & Instruments


    Crisp Flute of Ice (most common)
    Crisp Harp of Ice (most common)
    Crisp Lute of Ice (most common)
    Gleaming Drum (most common)
    Brilliant Drum (common)
    Lustrous Drum (uncommon)
    Radiant Bagpipes (semi-rare)

Random event stuff

    Fluffy Snowball (5 damage)
    Well-Packed Snowball (10 damage)
    Frosty Snowball (50 damage)
    Icy Snowball (100 damage)
    Frozen Snowball (250 damage)

    Red Candy Cane (Most Common)
    Pink Candy Cane (Second Most Common)
    Orange Candy Cane (Third Most Common)
    Yellow Candy Cane (Fourth Most Common)
    Green Candy Cane (Fifth Most Common)
    Turquoise Candy Cane (Fifth Rarest)

    Red Party Crown (Most Common)
    Pink Party Crown (Very Common)
    Orange Party Crown (Common)
    Yellow Party Crown (uncommon)
    Green Party Crown (Very Rare)
    Turquoise Party Crown (Very Rare)
    Blue Part Crown (Third Rarest)
    Purple Party Crown (Second Rarest)

    Dawn Reveller's Diadem of Ice (most common)

Its going to be updated with alooooot of more stuff super soon, with fash, charms and alot more.
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