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Xfering about 30m from gwydion to epona. this also includes a full non aeon white hunter set and many other rare fash, gear and etc.

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It's going to be difficult getting anyone to come to gwydion :(
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Re: Epona

Xfering to Epona is hard lol. The best method to use is simply sell all your items on Gwydion for chests on Epona... or pay for chests with gold on Gwydion and receive them on Epona. You won’t get hit with a generally bad trade ratio as well (30m on Gwydion will get you 15m or so on Epona)
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Re: Epona

Hey, did you find anyone who helped you transfer? Im currently in the same situation and just want 500k gold from Gwydion to go to Epona..

Re: Epona

xSTALKERx wrote:What are the requirements for 180 boss rings?

Looks like this is an outdated thread and your quest is un-related to the topic.

Best to start a brand new topic for players to see regarding your question on the 180 boss rings!

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