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Notice to Epona players

People of epona, please be advised that the blacklisting of the clan Gomorrah is now in effect.

Stated reason: actively recruiting known banned players, actively opposing eponian rules voted on by eponian majority, and attempting to become dominant.

Blacklist defined: no members of the clan are to be grouped when bossing, no rolls are to be counted for their members upon boss completion, it is recommended that no trades are conducted with these individuals.

Objective: to see the dissolution of the dominant clan to ensure eponian democracy prevails.

Next steps: members (that are not officially server banned) (pm me directly for the official list on wechat) will be allowed to participate in bosses (roll) immediately after leaving the clan. Should an individual leave, roll, and rejoin they may be subject to additional measures such as a server ban.

It is recommended that all players actively seek to inform the clan members of the above and assist them in understanding the above. We do not wish to negatively effect the non banned members but to dissolve the clan as a whole. Please pm for any questions or ask in a epona general chat.

DISCLAIMER: any mention of a "ban" refers to a server ban where an individual is excluded from participating in bosses and other activities in the server. Epona majority approves all bans directly (by vote) or through indirect means (epona rules) and is responsible for enforcing them. Please see Epona Rules in the Epona sub forum for reference. Any mention of a "ban" in the above does not refer to a ban from VR and does not represent the opinion of VR or VR policy.
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