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Epona plat items prices

Nowadays prices in epona server
Plat items..
Alt books (10-15k) /rebirths (10-15k) Pledges (1.5-2kea)
whistles 1.5-2k ea
Normal Exps (1.5-2k)
Combos 5-8k ea
Heroic combo 10k ea
Heroic lixes 1-2k ea hp/energy/def/armour/hasts/attack
Normal lixes Hps ,energy,armor,atk def ect.
Ppl say (750g ea) but some sell(1k ea)

pet tokens (15-20k ea) /mount tokens (40-50kea )
Chests 25-30k ea

Hp/energy sigles - crate) (5-7k ea crate) is decent

idols/restoes- resurrection idols (50g Ea) Resto pots (150g-200g ea).
Keep in minde sellers may sell different prices. But this is the moste common price most eponians sell for.
Peace and enjoy your Celtic journey

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