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Can you buy top tier in Epona?

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to buy top tier gear (void/godly gele, doch gul) in Epona.
I know it’s allowed, I’m wondering if it virtually even happens that someone sells a void weapon or such. I have a bad timezone so I cant attend endgame raids (usually suited for american players), and therefore need a server where I can buy top tier. I’ve played extremely actively for 6 years but never got my hands on any of that because of unfair reasons always like dying servers or unoptimal timezone. If yes then I look forward to getting to know the server :)

Re: Can you buy top tier in Epona?

Epona have much better timezones for killing gele for you arachnus. Bosses are not monopolised by american players like they are in res. And you can certainly buy godlies. Only recently 2 players bought a godly oblivion each :D
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