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Introduce yourself to Nuada

Hey guys, I am LifeGuard from Mabon, I am also know as Koningstan, Dutchdruid or Stan. I have been playing on Mabon since yule 2011 and am looking foward to a little new challange till the new areas come out. You can find me in game with the name Stan Life

Who else plays on this server?
Main: Lifeguard (Mabon, level 215, druid)
Alt: Koningstan (mabon, level 104, warrior)
clansman of Novalis

Re: Introduce yourself to Nuada

Aka 0s
Founder and leader of Angelus Mortis

Originally from fingal, proud member of whykicamoocow, basically since I started playing,
sometime at beginning of 2016.
As much as I enjoy fingal and all the raids, figured it'd be nice to take it easy n set up shop on a growing server.

Re: Introduce yourself to Nuada

I'm BrightLight man, welcome to Nuada; aka GodOfWarr from Lir in Emperrors but retired cuz I lost my account
Nuada: Retired full DG rogue

Sulis: Toxic blessed by the Dino slayer
Enlightenment - 224 full DG + BT helm DPS Druid
+ an army of toons (1 lvl 224, 1 lvl 223, 2 lvl 220, 1 lvl 216, 1 lvl 200, 1 lvl 134, 1 lvl 56)

AKA "Bright"

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